the master doesn’t abandon anyone




good runner

leaves no tracks; 

a good speaker makes no slips; 

a good planner doesn’t have to scheme. 

The best lock has no bolt, and no

one can open it. The best knot

uses no rope, and no

one can untie




the master is always

good at saving people, and

doesn’t abandon anyone; always good

at conserving things, and doesn’t

waste anything. This is known

as “Following the



What is a good woman but a bad man’s teacher? 

What is a bad man but a good woman’s charge? 



doesn’t matter how

smart you are if you don’t

have the sense to honor your teachers 

and cherish your responsibilities. 

This is an essential

teaching of



from The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 27


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