the aristocracy of the heart


Tawazu’ in Sufic terms

means something more than hospitality.

It is laying before one’s friend willingly what one has,

in other words sharing with one’s friend all the

good one has in life, and with it,

enjoying life better.


When this tendency

to tawazu’ is developed, things that

give one joy and pleasure become more enjoyable by

sharing with another. This tendency comes from the aristocracy

of the heart. It is generosity and even more than generosity. For the

limit of generosity is to see another pleased in his pleasure,

but to share one’s own pleasure with another is greater

than generosity. It is a quality which is foreign

to a selfish person, and the one who

shows this quality is on the

path of saintliness.


Hazrat Inayat Khan


serving without expectation of reward


Tao gives

life to all beings.

Nature nourishes them.

Fellow creatures shape them.

Circumstances complete them.

Everything in existence respects tao and

honors nature — not by decree,

but spontaneously.


Tao gives life to all beings.

Nature watches over them, develops them,

shelters them, nurses them, grows them, ripens

them, completes them, buries them,

and returns them.


Giving birth,

nourishing life, shaping things

without possessing them, serving without

expectation of reward, leading without dominating:

These are the profound virtues of nature,

and of nature’s best beings.


The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 51


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