to forget the self

read something great


The purpose

and result of quietly

observing the self is to forget

the self. When the mind is seen for

what it is and fascination with

its activities dissipates,

reality, which was

always present,



It is at

this point that we

understand that nothing

is problematic and life

becomes thoroughly



Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 46

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this world is an open sky and also a dustbin

This world

is an open sky and also a dustbin,

giving life to some and death to others;

the outcomes are not controlled

by this world. 



your finger into the world

and put it to your nose.  You may smell

sweetness, or you may smell dung. 

Discernment is possible in

these matters.


True hearts

stay awake if love is possible. The

others have no need for beauty, nor hope of

it.  If you are holding gold in your hand,

don’t imagine ways to turn it

into mud.




Everything passes,

nothing remains. Understand

this, loosen your grip, 

and find serenity.


Lama Surya Das


For the

awakening of the heart,

conditions are always

good enough.


Ajahn Sumedho



The pawn

Always sits stunned,

Chained, unable to move

Beneath God’s magnificent power.

It is essential for the heart’s coronation

For the pawn to realize

There is nothing but

Divine Movement

in this world.



hexagram 59 ☯️ dispersion


Disperse hard attitudes with gentleness.

The hexagram Huan comes to indicate that there are rigidity and harshness present, either in yourself or others, and that they should be dissolved now for the benefit of all. Whenever we fall into a negative state such as judgement, anger, fear, anxiety, or desire, our attitude becomes structured and inflexible. As long as we remain in this condition we cannot receive the assistance of the Higher Power. Therefore, if we wish for a return of good fortune now we must take steps to dissolve the hardness.

The image of Huan is that of a warm spring wind steadily dissolving winter ice. This is meant to teach us that it is through perseverance and gentleness—rather than aggressiveness—that we overcome what is hard. The I Ching counsels the use of religious forces now: employ music, prayer, meditation, a common project, or some other form of sacred concentration or ceremony to release the pent-up energy in yourself and others.

Allow harsh and unforgiving feelings to be carried away by the song of a flute, the reverberation of a drum, or the sound of the wind through the trees. In your mind’s eye, see where the flow of positive energy is blocked, and then imagine this place as an ice floe breaking up in a thawing river.

Until the inflexibility is removed there can be no unity, either within your own spirit, with others, or with the Sage. Remember that inferior emotions are hard, where the attitudes of the superior person—acceptance, detachment, modesty, innocence, and equanimity—have a quality of softness to them. By returning to this now you insure your own good fortune.


from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 59, Huan / Dispersion


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