this love is beyond



who do not feel this

love pulling them like a river,

those who do not drink dawn like a cup

of springwater or take in sunset

like supper, those who do not

want to change, let

them sleep.


This love

is beyond the study

of theology, that old trickery

and hypocrisy. If you want

to improve your mind

that way, sleep



I have

given up on my brain.

I have torn the cloth to shreds

and thrown it away. If you are not

completely naked, wrap your

beautiful robe of words

around you, and







I am grateful

for the way my soul is

sometimes drawn to move with

other souls and then separated from them.

I observe here a law of soulmaking

with exciting possibilities for



Scenes of how

it operates appear: people

in arctic cold, others in the tropics.

Oceans, high desert canyons, wooded valleys,

all in harmony with “the One who has no partner”.

There is a group that sings and moves in pure joy; another

is quiet in the midst of tremendous grief and carnage.

A tree bristling with thorns: jealousy, meanspirited

revenge. Then the white jasmine flowers

bud, open, and drop the gift

of themselves.


Why are

we shown this?

So we can appreciate

the whole as given. When I am

grieved and without hope, I accept that

as grace, as well as the removal of pain.

A deep knowing comes as we

are shown, receive, and

grow to love