become the servant of everyone


Your pride in

yourself and your wanting,

these steal your energy

along the road.


If you can

kill these robbers and

become the servant of everyone,

you’ll meet the Lord in meditation and see

what you used to protect as just

a pile of ashes.




looking for nothing in particular

navesh chitrakar


Looking for 

nothing in particular, 

wholly without ambition, 

good-naturedly doing not doing, 

you arrive at the center of yourself

and find the whole universe  

waiting there.


Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 52

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the ultimate path is simple and easy


Yantou said,

“Abandoning things is superior,

pursuing things is inferior.” If your own state

is empty and tranquil, perfectly illuminated and silently

shining, then you will be able to confront whatever circumstances

impinge on you with the indestructible sword of wisdom and cut

everything off — everything from the myriad entangling objects

to the verbal teachings of the past and present. Then your

awesome, chilling spirit cuts off everything, and

everything retreats of itself without having

to be pushed away. Isn’t this what it

means to be well endowed and

have plenty to spare?


The Ultimate Path is

simple and easy — it is just a matter of

whether you abandon things or pursue them.

Those who would experience the Path

should think deeply

on this.