all great teachings are the same


In all ten

directions of the universe,

there is just one truth. When we see clearly,

all great teachings are the same. What can ever be lost?

What can be gained?  If we gain something, it was there from

the beginning of time.  If we lose something, it is hiding

somewhere near us. Look: this ball in my pocket:

Can you see how priceless

it is?




a joy free of any impulse to act



sesame seed, bowls of

fresh water, a tuft of kusa-grass,

all this altar paraphernalia is not needed

by someone who takes the teacher’s

words in and honestly

lives them.


Full of longing

in meditation, one sinks into

a joy that is free of any impulse to act

and will not enter a human

birth again.



your spiritual light



spiritual light 

can be compressed into 

pinpoint, or it can flood and

wash the known and unknown universe.

The principal task of a master is to respect 

the oneness of her spiritual light with

all spiritual light and to care for

 it accordingly.


Where is 

the best place to do this? 

In quiet simplicity. 


Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 33

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