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yourself every morning,

every morning, every morning:

“I’m going to do something. I’ve made a

commitment.” Not for yourself,  but

beyond yourself. You belong to

the collective. Don’t go

wandering off or you

will perish.


Rosalie Little Thunder


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Billionaire Robert F. Smith, the 2019

commencement speaker at Morehouse College,

told the graduating class that he is creating a grant

to eliminate their student loans.


“You great Morehouse men

are bound only by the limits of your own conviction

and creativity,” Smith said at the graduation,

according to 11Alive.


Morehouse College

is an HBCU for men in Atlanta.

According to the college, it is the world’s

only HBCU for men.


“This is my class, 2019,”

Smith said before revealing news of the grant.

“And my family is making a grant to

eliminate their student loans.”

morehouse man



My advice

to other disabled people would be,

concentrate on things your disability doesn’t

prevent you doing well, and don’t regret the things

it interferes with. Don’t be disabled

in spirit as well as physically.


Stephen Hawking


subtle wonder within mysterious darkness

elsa bleda


Tao is beyond words 

and beyond understanding. 

Words may be used to speak of

it, but they cannot

contain it. 


Tao existed before

words and names, before heaven and earth,

before the ten thousand things. It is the unlimited

father and mother of all limited things. Therefore, to see

beyond all boundaries to the subtle heart of things, 

dispense with names, with concepts,

with expectations and ambitions

and differences. 


Tao and its many manifestations

arise from the same source: subtle wonder

within mysterious darkness. This is

the beginning of all



from The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 1


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