there will come a time



A horse strays

into a cave of lions. You move

deeper into your desire for sex, for art

and wealth. There will come a time when your

life is a blank, but has there ever really been a time

when human beings were not cared for? For thousands

of years we had no identity, yet we managed to arrive

in this amazing moment, this brightly conscious

lifespan. Who gave us such restlessness

to know and be?


Bahauddin, father of Rumi

The Drowned Book


forget all ideas of accomplishing something


Forget all ideas 

of accomplishing something — 

in your practice and everywhere 

else. Everything is already 



If this sounds 

like a tricky idea to you, 

the flaw is in your understanding 

of reality, not in reality 



Allowing nature 

to manifest is the way 

of the Way. By setting aside 

our ambitions and leaving

the Way to the Way, 

we perfect the



Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 43

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step back from conventional perceptions

demand justice for the beautiful soulful human that was tyre nichols



must constantly step

back from conventional perceptions and

worldly entanglements to move along on your own

and reflect with independent awareness. Cleanse and purify

your karma of mind, body, and mouth, sit upright

and  investigate reality, until you arrive

at subtle insight and clear



Right in your own life,

detach from conditioned views and cut off

sentiments. Stand like a wall a mile high…spend twenty

or thirty years doing dispassionate and tranquil meditation

work, sweeping away any conditioned knowledge and

interpretive understanding as soon as it arises,

and not letting the traces of the

sweeping itself remain




happiness in the morning

khashif chaudhry


Happy in the morning,

I open my cottage door; a clear breeze

blowing comes straight in. The first sun lights

the leafy trees, the shadows it casts are crystal clear.

Serene, in accord with my heart, everything merges

in one harmony. Gain and loss are not my

concern; this way is enough to

the end of my days.