this world is an open sky and also a dustbin


This world

is an open sky and also a dustbin,

giving life to some and death to others;

the outcomes are not controlled

by this world. 



your finger into the world

and put it to your nose.  You may smell

sweetness, or you may smell dung. 

Discernment is possible in

these matters.


True hearts

stay awake if love is possible. The

others have no need for beauty, nor hope of

it.  If you are holding gold in your hand,

don’t imagine ways to turn it

into mud.




postscript, 2 July:

reside in the original unity



origin and mother

of everything in the world is Tao.

Know the mother and you can know

the children. Having known the children,

return to their source and hold on to her.

Abiding by the mother, you are free

from danger, even when

your body



Don’t live

for your senses.

Close your mouth, close

all the body’s openings, reside

in the original unity. In this

way you can pass your

life in peace and




your mouth,

increase your activities,

start making distinctions between

things, and you’ll toil

forever without



See the subtle and be illuminated.

Abide in gentleness and be strong.

Use your light and return to insight.



expose yourself

to trouble. This is




from The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 52

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the spirit is attracted to humility



advised me to keep my spirit

up in the branches of a tree and not

peek out too far, so I keep mine in the very tall

willows along the irrigation ditch out back,

a safe place to remain unspoiled by

the filthy culture of greed

and murder of the




forget their spirits

easily suffocate so they must

keep them far up in tree branches where

they can be summoned any moment. It’s better

if you’re outside as it’s hard for spirits to get into houses

or buildings or airplanes. In New York City I used to reach

my spirit in front of the gorilla cage in the children’s zoo

in Central Park. It wouldn’t come in the Carlyle Hotel,

which was too expensive for its taste. In Chicago

it won’t come in the Drake, though I can see it

out the window, hovering over the surface

of Lake Michigan. The spirit above

anything  else is attracted

to humility. If I slept in

the streets it would

be under the





Jim Harrison


things are originally peaceful



Haven’t you

read the ancient worthy’s saying?

“The white clouds are clear and still, and the rivers

flow into the blue sea. The myriad things are

originally peaceful, but people

make trouble for



After all,

this statement is completely

accurate and true. If you know what it means

as soon as you hear it mentioned, you can use it to pass

through birth and death to freedom and no longer be obstructed

by the psycho-physical nexus. You will be like a bird getting

out of a cage — independent and free. With a single

stroke you put a stop to all other actions and

talk, and you no longer fall into

secondary views.