you are always already home


In the search

for enlightenment,

there is an ever-present

certainty that there is more to do,

someone else who holds the

secret, another state to


In the

finding of it,

there is the comical

revelation that not one

of those things was

ever true.


Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 55

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the jewel is inside


The small ruby

everyone wants has fallen out

on the road. Some think it is east of us,

others west of us. Some say, “among

the primitive earth rocks,”

others, “in the deep



Kabir’s instinct

told him it was inside, and

what it was worth, and he wrapped

it up carefully in his

heart cloth.




it is like coming across the light in thick darkness


Zen has nothing to do with letters, words, or sutras. It only requests you to grasp the point directly and therein to find your peaceful abode. When the mind is disturbed, the understanding is stirred, things are recognized, notions are entertained, ghostly spirits are conjured, and prejudices grow rampant. Zen will then forever be lost in the maze.

The wise Sekiso (Shih-shuang) said, ‘Stop all your hankerings; let the mildew grow on your lips; make yourself like unto a perfect piece of immaculate silk; let your one thought be eternity; let yourself be like the dead ashes, cold and lifeless; again let yourself be like an old censer in a deserted village shrine!’

Put your simple faith in this, discipline yourself accordingly; let your body and mind be turned into an inanimate object of nature like a stone or a piece of wood; when a state of perfect motionlessness and unawareness is obtained all the signs of life will depart and also every trace of limitation will vanish. Not a single idea will disturb your consciousness, when lo! All of a sudden you will come to realize the light abounding in full gladness.

It is like coming across the light in thick darkness; it is like receiving treasure in poverty. The four elements and the five aggregates are no more felt as burdens; so light, so easy, so free you are. Your very existence has been delivered from all limitations; you have become open, light, and transparent.



the I Ching ☯️ Hexagram 9


You are temporarily restrained.
It is a time for taking small steps.


This hexagram signifies a time when darkness has temporarily enveloped the light. The Creative power is present in the background, however, and will come forward in time. Your responsibility in this moment is to accept restraints quietly and remain content with taking small steps.

The obstacles to success can only be removed now by gentle measures. Inside yourself, be focused and determined. On the outside, nonaction, adaptability, neutrality, and tolerance are the order of the day. Ambitious behavior is to be avoided; think of planting seeds rather than harvesting fruit.

Do not forget that the inferior elements within yourself, others, and the time itself may only be restrained now—not fully removed. Do not be tempted into any engagement which will serve to unbalance you. Instead, hold quietly to the center and take small steps until the Higher Power has tamed the obstacles in your way.

from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 9, Hsiao Ch’u / The Taming Power of the Small


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