mountains walk and dance because of love

tim mckenna / julian herbrig


If you try to

pour the whole ocean into a pot,

it doesn’t work. You can’t put enough in to

satisfy even one human being for a single day.

The eye of a greedy person is the same: always full,

never satisfied. Only when an oyster becomes

content and stops trying to drink

the whole sea can it settle

down and make a




is torn by spiritual love

is cleansed of greed – this and every

other weakness. Be happy with this love!

It’s a very good deal – the cure for

all pain, the medicine for our

arrogance, the great




made of earth ascend

to heaven because of love.

Mountains walk and dance

because of love. Mount Sinai got

drunk with love, and Moses’s

donkey exploded

into light!


Like nay,

the reed flute, I have

stories to tell you. Anyone separated

from the Friend has hundreds of stories, too,

but no tongue to tell them. If you let the flowers wilt

and the garden die, there aren’t any more

songs from bolbol, the




whole universe, every

thing and not-thing, is the Beloved.

The lover, just a reflection of that. It’s God’s face

that’s alive, not the mirror! If a person doesn’t have the

courage to love, he’s a bird without wings. No one

can be conscious without the light of the

Friend, but with that love, you can

see truth.



your mirror

isn’t reflecting the

Beloved, then

polish it.


Jalal ad-Din Rumi

translated by Brian Browne Walker, Behzad Ghorbani, & Shahla Ghorbani


wake up right where you are


No teacher

or master is in possession of

your enlightenment. Ultimately only

you can free yourself. Just shed your delusions

like a sweaty shirt and slip into the stream of

zen and tao, empty minded, quiet hearted,

at rest in the midst of everything

and at peace with all

that occurs.


Polish yourself

on your own over and over

until you disappear, and you’ll wake up

right where you are. You’ll see straight

through the snares of the world and

pass freely into complete



Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 27

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the teachings are a snare and a trap

The verbal teachings of the buddhas and ancestral teachers are just a snare and a trap. They are used as a means of entry into truth. Once you have opened through into clear enlightenment and taken it up, then in the true essence, everything is complete. Then you look upon all the verbal teachings of the buddhas and ancestral teachers as belonging to the realm of shadows and echoes, so you never carry them around in your head.

Many students in recent times do not get to the basis of the fundamental design of the Zen school. They just hold onto the words and phrases, trying to choose among the discussing how close or how far away they are from the truth, and distinguishing gain and loss. They interpret fleeting provisional teachings as real doctrines and boast about how many koans they have been able to sift through and how well they can ask questions about the sayings of the Five Houses of Zen. They are totally sunk in emotional consciousness, and they have lost the true essence in their delusions. This is truly a painful situation.

A genuine Zen teacher would use any means necessary to warn them of their error and enable them to get away from all such wrong knowledge and wrong views. But they would reject this — they would call it contrived mental activity to turn people around and shake them up and refine them. Thus they enter ever more deeply into the forest of thorns of erroneous views.

As the saying goes, “In the end, if you do not meet an adept, as you get older you will just become a fool.”

You must not depend on either the pure or the impure. Having mind and having no mind, having views and having no views — both alternatives vanish like a snowflake put on a red-hot stove. Twenty-four hours a day, from top to bottom, you are free and untrammeled as you wander this road that the thousand sages do not share. Just bring this to complete purity and ripeness and you will naturally become a real person, beyond study and free from contrived activity, a real person whom thousands and tens of thousands of people cannot trap or cage.