Hua hu Ching


The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu is among the most widely translated and cherished books in the world. Singular in its lucidity, revered across cultural boundaries for its timeless wisdom, it is believed among Westerners to be Lao Tzu’s only book.

Few are aware that a collection of his oral teachings on the subject of attaining enlightenment and mastery were also recorded in a book called the Hua Hu Ching (pronounced “wha hoo jing”). The teachings of the Hua Hu Ching are of genuine power and consequence, a road map to the divine realm for ordinary human beings.

Perhaps predictably, the book was banned during a period of political discord in China, and all copies were ordered to be burned. Were it not for the Taoist tradition of oral transmission of sacred scriptures from master to student, they would have been lost forever.


If you

correct your mind, the

rest of your life will fall into place.

This is true because the mind is the governing

aspect of a human life. If the river flows

clearly and cleanly through the

proper channel, all will

be well along its




Integral Way

depends on decreasing, not increasing;

to correct your mind, rely on not-doing. Stop thinking

and clinging to complications; keep your mind detached and whole.

Eliminate mental muddiness and obscurity; keep your mind

crystal clear. Avoid daydreaming and allow your

pure original insight to emerge.

Quiet your emotions

and abide in




go crazy with the

worship of idols, images, and ideas;

this is like putting a new head on top of the head

you already have. Remember: if you can

cease all restless activity, your

integral nature will



from Hua hu Ching, Chapter 45


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