• Brooke

    your translation of the tao te ching is the book that changed my life…you got it all started for me, changing my life, overcoming some addictive patterns, becoming a more happy human being, and i continually look for copies of it that speak to me more and nothing ever does, your translation is fucking incredible to put it honestly. thank you. thank you so so so very much.

  • Thank you, Brooke, very nice of you to write. I will pass your kind words along to whatever mystery wrote that little book.

  • Jim Wood

    I love your work, it has ment a lot to me over my life. Thank you.
    I have all of your apps on my iPad. Only the I Ching is working. The other three flicker off as soon as they are opened. Where can I get help or support to get them working again?

  • I love the Book of Changes, and I give it as a gift often and use it in counseling people. Do you have it in Spanish? If not, it really needs to be in Spanish.

  • Hi Lucila, do you mean in the paper edition or the app? As far as I know, there is a paper edition in Spanish, yes. No app yet. BW

  • Hi Jim, sorry, I’m just seeing this, but I believe the problem has been resolved, yes? The apps were being recoded to OS6, and there was a day when they were malfunctioning. Please let me know if you’re still having a problem. BW

  • Virginia St Claire

    I’ve been turning to the I Ching for guidance since Ken Kesey used license plates to lead him to the hexagrams. And since about 1993 my favorite translation and constant companion has been your “guide to life’s turning points”. It’s traveled around the world with me twice, back and forth to Europe and India, always there to point me in my true direction. Thank you. I’d like to read your blog and google says you have to invite me. Please, do. Wishing you every blessing.

  • mike

    I can’t overstate how much I have benefited from your translation of the Tao Te Ching. It is so clear that it needs no commentary.
    I hope you’ll also consider taking on the following project:
    The English-speaking world is in great need of a readable, modern edition of Epictetus’ Handbook with a thoughtful commentary. I’m not thinking about another book for academics, but for intelligent general readers. I believe that such a book would help modern readers cope with (and hopefully help heal) the enormous economic, environmental and social problems we face today.
    While there are plenty of great modern editions of the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, there are none that I’m aware of of Epictetus’ Handbook. I hope you’ll consider taking on that project. Thank you very much.

  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your kind words. I agree with you Epictetus is a treasure. I used to have a small-format version I admired which I don’t have in my possession anymore. I want to say it was by Shambhala but I’m not certain. I’ll see if I can run that down.


  • I’ve been reading your works and interpretations for many years and have found them all to be extraordinarily helpful. In my acupuncture practice and T’ai Chi teaching, I often will suggest to clients and students that they find their way to you. Now, reading your Quora blog, I am again thankful that you are in the world and your words, with insight and humor, reach so many. Thank you Brian Browne Walker. All the Best,
    Terry Beck
    PS your I Ching App on my iPad is fantastic!

  • Thank you, Terry! I’m grateful you’re in the world, too. :)

  • steveleady

    Searching this morning to give you (Brian) typo input on the IChing app for IPhone this morning brought me to your web presence. I am grateful and humbled to have the overwhelming influence of your interpretations in my life. I’m a CO native and wonder if there is truly something in the water. :-D

    99% of what I offer today is gratitude. I have gifted dozens of the Book of Changes – very solid content that is deliciously accessible. Thank you.

    The other .001% is for those of us whose consciousness dances on details. #57 SUN: fourth paragraph, last sentence, third word is ‘adaptable’ in the print edition of Book of Changes. In the IPhone app the word is ‘acceptable’. Just an FYI.

  • Thanks for all 100%, Steve!

  • rkoeppen

    Hello Brian,
    I was fortunate to have your translation of the I Ching come to me many years ago. It has guided all the biggest decisions and questions of my life. (I am 65 now)
    It is a wonderment to me how your translation speaks to me so very clearly with eery relevance to my situation, but all other translations seem meaningless. What were/are you plugged into that the others are not? How old are you?

  • Thank you, I’m happy it speaks to you. I’m 56 in human years.

  • Tomcat

    Hello and thank you for Android Apps. I use them daily and they are very helpful to me.
    Please consider an option for LARGE print on future versions for us getting older types.
    Thank you again, you’ve made a difference in my life.

  • Hi Tom, thank you for your kind words, happy to hear. I’ve forwarded your comment to Alex Pepper, the young wizard who builds and evolves the apps. We appreciate your input. Best, BW


    Hello Brian,
    Your translation of Tao Te Ching makes it come alive. It is really SUPERB. However, I was dismayed by your use of the word “fool” in your description of yourself as it is not only superfluous but all this labels/judgements are so ‘un-taoist’. Morever, one has to have a fair degree of intelligence and discrimination to label oneself a fool . Your interpretation of I-Ching is my next. Warm regards.

  • Aloha Anaadi, I am living proof that it is possible to be at once a taoist and a fool. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for saying hey, and for your generous compliment, which I will relay to the actual author of the book: the sky and the sea, and all that lies and flies in and between them.
    brian browne walker

  • I have nine different translations of the Tao de Ching, and have been reading them in pairs, reading a verse in one, and then reading it in the other. Your version is my favorite for its consistently simple, clear eloquence. Reading your translation so settles and centers me. Thank you. (I was touched in your blog to see that you are an admirer of Jim Harrison, who was one of my favorite voices.)

  • Thank you for sharing that with me, it’s wonderful to hear, very much appreciated, especially at this moment, which is a surpassingly difficult one in my life, as well as a truly holy and wonderful one. Aloha! Mahalo! ‍♀️

  • rich lerner

    HI From Rich Lerner,been a long time hope you are great.
    Still consult my phone on a regular basis and I think of you


  • Ele Taran

    Hello Brian,
    A couple of years ago I met you in a Yellow Flower Cafe and you gifted me with two copies of your books. Since then the books have been my guidance in the morning.
    Thank you

  • James Farmer

    Dear Mr. Walker,
    i would like to communicate with you directly about permission to disseminate a poem you wrote as the Acknowledgement for your translation of the Tao Te Ching. I am a psychologist in private practice in NJ. I have gathered data on the healing effect of saying this poem aloud. I suspect others have noticed this.

  • James Farmer

    This message completes the one I began yesterday, below. I have given copies of the poem to my patients with your name as author. In therapy sessions I have the patients repeat it after me. I use the 23rd Psalm in a similar way. I have developed (since 2004) a pre and post assessment in my work as an energy psychologist. It assesses 10 emotional states, 6 items measuring Well-Being (coping abilities), 4 Energies (Chi, Resilience, Energy of Abundance, and Energy to do work). The Energy of Abundance is correlated with optimism, a quiet confidence and open heartedness. Merely saying your poem while touching the Gamut point (an acupressure point) can reliably elevate a person’s Energy of Abundance from a rating of 1 to a rating of 10 (0 to 10 scale) with amazing reliability. Raising the Energy of Abundance improves the patients subjective ratings of depression, anxiety and numerous other items on the evaluation. Those relationships have not been well studies by me as yet.
    A patient suggested I read the poem, verse by verse, in a recording on my website with spaces of time for a person to say this with me. I am asking your permission to do this. I will charge nothing for this.
    Please call or text me at 908-310-2265 or email me at Jameslawrencefarmer@comcast.net. Thank you for the beauty of your poetry.
    James Farmer

  • Dang D Dang

    It would appear that the Android apps for BBW’s iChing and Tao Te Ching no longer exist.

    Sadly I’ve already paid for them though.

    Any recommendations?

  • mrlegowatch

    Hi Brian, I have a customer of your app who wants to know if I can make your translation available for in-app purchase in the Yi Jing app. I’ve had similar requests in the past, and I think I previously reached out to you at one point, but I somehow lost our past correspondences. Would you be open to licensing your translation for in-app purchase in the Yi Jing app? Let me know if you already have my e-mail, or if you need it. – Brian

  • Luz Galindo

    Hi Brian, I wrote several years ago looking for the Spanish version if the I Ching book. I bought one copy. I wish I had bought more because I need more. I am working with Spanish speakers whom would benefit from your book.

  • Kelly Balamuth

    Hi Brian,
    I wanted to share that the Book of Changes has had a profound effect on my life. I have used it nearly every day for the last two years. And now, I’m sharing it with the Burning Man crowd. My husband and I have started “Equal and Opposite Camp” at Burning Man and at a recent regional camping weekend in Santa Cruz, our camp offered iChing readings using your books. People LOVED it. I brought a stack of your books to give to each person who had a reading and the gratitude was off the charts. (That’s me holding your book in the photos and three of the folks who came for readings.)

    Thank you.


  • brian browne walker

    Hi Kelly, thank you for your sweet note, I will pass it on to the mystery which wrote the book. I’m delighted you find something of use in it. Please give my love to the Pogonip. Brian

  • brian browne walker

    Hi Luz, is it not in print in Spanish anymore? I don’t keep up with these things. Email me, brian@, I’ll inquire. BW

  • brian browne walker

    Hi Dang, https://play.google.com/store/search?q=brian%20browne%20walker%20app&c=apps. Let me know if you’re still having trouble, email preferred, brian at, I don’t see comments here for many months sometimes. Best, Brian