drinking in serenity, breathing out contentment



natural laws of

the universe are inviolable:

Energy condenses into substance.

Food is eaten through the mouth and not

the nose. A person who neglects to

breathe will turn blue and die. 

Some things simply can’t

be dismissed.


It is also

a part of the cosmic law

that what you say and do determines

what happens in your life. The ordinary person

thinks that this law is external to himself and he feels

confined and controlled by it. So his desires trouble his mind,

his mind troubles his spirit, and he lives in constant

turmoil with himself and the world.

His whole life is spent in




superior person

recognizes that he and the

subtle law are one. Therefore he

cultivates himself to accord with it, bringing

moderation to his actions and clarity to his mind.

Doing this, he finds himself at one with

all that is divine and enlightened.

His days are passed drinking in

serenity and breathing out




is the profound,

simple truth: you are the master

of your life and death. What

you do is who

you are.


from Hua hu Ching, Chapter 40


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