enlightenment is not apart from the world


When hate and

love don’t block the mind,

stretch out both legs and

then lie down.


If you hope and intend

to transform others, you must perfect

expedient means. Don’t cause them to have

doubts, and then their self-nature

will appear.


The Buddhadharma is

here in the world; enlightenment is

not apart from the world. To search for Bodhi

apart from the world is like looking for

a hare with horns.


Right views are

transcendental; deviant views

are all mundane. Deviant and right

completely destroyed: the

Bodhi nature appears



This verse is

the Sudden Teaching, also called

the great dharma boat. Hear in confusion,

pass through ages, in an instant’s

space, enlightenment.


Hui Neng