what you do is who you are



natural laws of

the universe are inviolable:

Energy condenses into substance.

Food is eaten through the mouth and not

the nose. A person who neglects to

breathe will turn blue and die. 

Some things simply can’t

be dismissed.


It is also

a part of the cosmic law

that what you say and do determines

what happens in your life. The ordinary person

thinks that this law is external to herself and she feels

confined and controlled by it. So her desires trouble her mind,

her mind troubles her spirit, and she lives in constant

turmoil with herself and the world.

Her whole life is spent in




superior person

recognizes that she and the

subtle law are one. Therefore she

cultivates herself to accord with it, bringing

moderation to her actions and clarity to her mind.

Doing this, she finds herself at one with

all that is divine and enlightened.

Her days are passed drinking in

serenity and breathing out




is the profound,

simple truth: you are the master

of your life and death. What

you do is who

you are.


from Hua hu Ching, Chapter 40


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the humble are always free


How long

can a human life last?

A hundred years, thirty thousand days.

Half is spent in sleep, and the rest is hardly assured.

The regalia of social ceremony are prison articles, all.

Greedy men liking them clearly have no way out.

Rich socialites suffer constant stress, the poor

and humble are always free. That is why

ancient sages were not constrained

by emperors and kings.



the practice of true reality

yanik chauvin

The practice of true reality is simply to sit serenely in silent introspection. When you have fathomed this you cannot be turned around by external causes and conditions. This empty, wide open mind is subtlety and correctly illuminating. Spacious and content, without confusion from inner thoughts or grasping, effectively overcome habitual behavior and realize the self that is not possessed by emotions.

You must be broad-minded, whole without relying on others. Such upright independent spirit can begin not to pursue degrading situations. Here you can rest and become clean, pure, and lucid. Bright and penetrating, you can immediately return, accord, and respond to deal with events.

Everything is unhindered; clouds gracefully floating up to the peaks, the moonlight glitteringly flowing down mountain streams. The entire place is brightly illumined and spiritually transformed, totally unobstructed and clearly manifesting responsive interaction like box and lid or arrow points meeting.

Continuing, cultivate and nourish yourself to enact maturity and achieve stability. If you accord everywhere with thorough clarity and cut off sharp corners without dependence on doctrines, like the white bull or wildcat helping to arouse wonder, you can be called a complete person.

So we hear that this is how one of the way of non-mind acts, but before realizing non-mind we still have great hardship.


Hongzhi Zhenjue


hexagram 44 kou ☯️ coming to meet

jake rajs



there are horses on the river road

tonight the Thunder Beings ride       your flesh

is soft and dangerous       and fertile       an open

window waiting for the wind    this is the Moon

of Melons Ripening     the Moon of Fish

the Moon of Falling Grass


oracle of the turtle



reappears unexpectedly.

Caution and reticence

are in order.


It is a dangerous hour. Through an eruption of our inferior nature darkness has interrupted the flow of light. The inferior can be quite seductive, and if we are not resolute in resisting it, the moment can be lost to misfortune.

In one’s self, this is a time to examine motives; those which are of questionable honor should be uprooted and discarded. Be wary of situations that engage your ego and tempt you into anger, self-righteousness, or desire. Actively employ your higher nature to test the correctness of tempting ideas and circumstances; that which seems to be suspicious almost certainly is.

In your conduct with others, practice modesty, independence, and patience with great discipline. Avoid anger or arrogance at all costs; withdraw whenever you cannot meet another in a balanced and independent way. Neither encourage another to forego his balance nor indulge him if he does so. Again, withdraw into stillness if the circumstances indicate the presence of inferior influences. Reticence and self-scrutiny are the order of the day.

Others may give expression to inferior qualities. There is no merit in judging, condemning, or correcting them. Tolerance and a gentle hand are advised, no matter how offensive the difficulty.
Constant challenges from inferior qualities, either your own or someone else’s, may necessitate a withdrawal. Simply remain mindful of your connection to the Sage and tolerate accusations or unpleasantness with equanimity and restraint.

from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 44, Kou / Coming to Meet


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further guidance from the
Wei Wu Wei Ching

Every instance
of recognizing a teacher
is an authorization of spiritual power.
The most important one of these, and the
only absolutely necessary one on the
way to complete realization,
is recognizing yourself
as your own


Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 44

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can now buy

Wei wu Wei Ching as part of a

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