unconcerned with name or gain



teaching cannot be

attained by having ideas

or not having ideas. Only when

the mind of pure practice coincides

with the way will body and mind be calm.

If body and mind are not yet calm, they

will not be at ease. When body and

mind are not at ease, thorns

grow on the path of



So that

pure practice and

the way coincide, how should

we proceed? Proceed with the mind which

neither grasps nor rejects, the mind unconcerned

with name or gain. Do not practice buddha-dharma with the

thought that it is to benefit others…Do not practice buddha-dharma

for your own sake. Do not practice buddha-dharma for name and

gain. Do not practice buddha-dharma to attain blissful reward.

Do not practice buddha-dharma to attain miraculous

effects. Practice buddha-dharma solely for

the sake of buddha-dharma.

This is the way.




quiet and still within and without


No want

is the greatest bliss.

It can be realized only by experience.

Even an emperor is no match

for a man with no



Ramana Maharshi



People of  

the Way are quiet and

still, within and 



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to the future


It would be

understandable, this week,

if you looked around and decided that

the world as we know it is wholly irredeemable.

It would be understandable if you were tempted to give up hope.

If the present feels too awful to bear, it can be helpful to look to the past

or the future instead. There’s wisdom to be found in history; there’s

hope to be found in the futures that don’t exist, but might

someday. This isn’t a means of escapism, but

way  to find the strength to

keep going.


move forward together