buddha and self are one and the same


There is no

difference between your

body and the body of the buddha.

If ignorance exists, seeds

of realization are

sown in it.



yourself in the master and

the master in yourself, you sense

reality. Understanding that all worldly

phenomena and the one reality are

interwoven and inseparable,

you begin to experience

peace and comfort.


Carrying on,

continuing with concentration,

you illuminate your own buddha nature

from within, and then, seeing that nothing

is apart from it, become free

and peaceful in all

you do.


Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 8

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make room for more light


Our actions

entrench the power of the light

on this planet. Every positive thought we pass

between us makes room for more light. And if we do more

than think, then our actions clear the path for even

more light. That is why forgiveness and

compassion must become more

important principles in

public life…


Anchor the eternity

of love in your own soul and embed

this planet with goodness. Lean toward the whispers

of your own heart, discover the universal truth,

and follow its dictates. Release the need

to hate, to harbor division, and the

enticement of revenge. Release

all bitterness.



Hold only love,

only peace in your heart,

knowing that the battle of good

to overcome evil is already won. Choose

confrontation wisely, but when it is

your time don’t be afraid to stand

up, speak up, and speak out

against injustice.


And if you

follow your truth

down the road to peace

and the affirmation of love,

if you shine like a beacon for all to see,

then the poetry of all the great dreamers and

philosophers is yours to manifest in

a nation, a world community, and

a Beloved Community that is

finally at peace with



John Lewis


all good comes when we are innocent


In the

very center of each

of us there dwells an innocent

and divine spirit. If we allow ourselves to

be guided by it in every situation, we can never

go wrong. Wu Wang comes to remind us that

we must actively disengage our egos

before we can obtain the vast

rewards that come from

living in a state of



The nature

of the ego is that when

we exercise it, it takes us out

of the present. When we engage in

ambitions, anxieties, or anticipations,

our ego is skipping ahead, and we miss the

guidance of the Creative in the present moment.

When we engage in anger, judgment, and condemnation —

whether toward ourselves or others — our ego is looking

backward, and we cannot see the Sage’s clear solution

to the present situation. In either case, the result is

misfortune. Only by stilling the ego and accepting

life in its entirety can we become innocent.

In this state we are receptive to the help

of the Higher Power and can

meet  with good fortune


we go.


You are

advised now to stop

looking forward and backward,

to abandon your ambitions, to disengage

from judgments and critical thinking. If a thought,

attitude, or action is not in accord with the principles of

acceptance, equanimity, humility, and gentleness,

do not indulge in it. The I Ching encourages you

to actively practice innocence. Because

the  ego is strong, you must make a

conscious and conscientious

effort to be



If you

willfully unstructure

your attitude, open your heart

to the Deity, and allow yourself to be

guided by that which is innocent

and pure, you will meet with

success in the coming



from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 25, Wu Wang / Innocence (The Unexpected)


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