the non-action of the wise person



non-action of the

wise person is not inaction.

It is not studied. It is not shaken by anything.

The sage is quiet because she is not moved, not because she

wills to be quiet. Her quietness is the mirror of heaven and earth,

the glass of everything. Emptiness, stillness, tranquility,

traceless, silence, non-action: this is the level of 

heaven and earth. This is the

perfect Tao.


Chuang Tzu


liberation of mind and body in all places

horse nose


seek a Buddha,

don’t seek a teaching,

don’t seek a community.

Don’t seek virtue, knowledge,

intellectual understanding, and

so on. When feelings of defilement

and purity are ended, still don’t hold

to this non-seeking and consider it right.

Don’t dwell at the point of ending, and

don’t long for heavens or fear hells.

When you are unhindered by

bondage or freedom, then

this is called liberation

of mind and body in

all places.