in harmony with the sage

shamil zhumatov


Those who are steadfastly balanced, humble,

and in harmony with the Sage inherit

everything under the sun.


This is a time of great power and clarity for you. By conscientiously following the path of proper principles, you have come into partnership with the Higher Power and enjoy the influence of the Creative everywhere in your life. If you remain modest and balanced now, you will come into possession of prosperity and success.

The I Ching indicates here that you increased your personal power by purifying your thoughts, actions, and attitudes. When you have done this long enough so that service of the true and good becomes your only goal in life, you come into complete harmony with the universe. As a result, you begin to have a far-reaching influence, shining on others as the sun shines on everything under the heavens. Because your power is so great, it is especially important to maintain correct attitudes and behavior now.

Having attained a high position, you are wise to remain modest and generous toward others. Remember that it is the Higher Power who gives you your strength. Do not make the mistake of becoming proud, disdainful of others, or convinced of your ability to control events. By leaving the Sage in charge, withdrawing from all inferior influences, and promoting the good wherever possible, you remain gracefully balanced and in harmony with the universe. Your peace of mind becomes permanent, and in this way you come into possession of success and prosperity.


from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 14, Ta Yu / Possession in Great Measure


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