you are already realized

one torch


You are

already realized.

It is critical to understand this.

Enlightenment is less a matter of charging

forward to achieve something, and more

one of doing non-doing — of leaning

slightly back and silently

accepting its constant



Once you have

done this, go on practicing.

Without straining, continually pour the

emptiness of your being into the

emptiness of existence, and

drink what comes back:



Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 17

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there are few that find the path

ernst haas



please tell me what

I can do about this world I hold to,

and keep spinning out! I gave up sewn clothes,

and wore a robe, but I noticed one day the cloth was

well woven. So I bought some burlap, but I still throw it

elegantly over my shoulder. I pulled back my sexual longings,

and now I discover that I’m angry a lot. I gave up rage, and

now I notice that I am greedy all day. I worked hard at

dissolving my greed, and now I am proud of myself.

When the mind wants to break its link with

the world it still holds on to one thing.

Kabir says: Listen, my friend,

there are very few that

find the path!




with each step, a flower blooms


A lot

of unimportant inner

litter and bits and pieces have

to be swept out first. Even a small head

can be piled high inside with irrelevant distractions.

True, there may be edifying emotions and thoughts, too, but

the clutter is ever present. So let this be the aim of the meditation:

to turn one’s innermost being into a vast empty plain, with none

of that treacherous undergrowth to impede the view. So that

something of “God” can enter you, and something of “Love,”

too. Not the kind of love-de-luxe that you can revel in

deliciously for half an hour, taking pride in

how sublime you feel, but the love

you can apply to small,

everyday things.



at Japanese prints

with Glassner this afternoon.

That’s how I want to write. With that much

space round a few words. They should simply emphasize

the silence. Just like that print with the sprig of blossom in the

lower corner. A few delicate brush strokes—but with what attention

to the smallest detail—and all around it space, not empty but inspired.

The few great things that matter in life can be said in a few words.

If I should ever write—but what?—I would like to brush in a

few words against a wordless background. To describe

the silence and the stillness and to inspire them.

What matters is the right relationship between

words and wordlessness, the wordlessness

in which much more happens than

in all the words one can

string together.


Etty Hillesum


The mind

can go in a thousand

directions, but on this beautiful

path, I walk in peace. With each step,

the wind blows. With each step,

a flower blooms.


Thich Nhat Hanh


the kingship of the dervish

patch-robed monks


Fleeting time

and the changes of matter

make all the kings of the earth but

transitory kings, ruling over transitory kingdoms;

this is because of their dependence upon their environment

instead of their imagination. But the kingship of the dervish,

independent of all external influences, based purely on

his mental perception and strengthened by the forces

of his will, is much truer and at once unlimited

and everlasting. Yet in the materialistic view

his kingdom would appear as nothing,

while in the spiritual conception

it is an immortal and

exquisite realm

of joy.


Hazrat Inayat Khan