weapons are tools of evil


Weapons are tools of evil,

shunned and avoided by everything

in nature. Because people of tao follow

nature, they want nothing to

do with weapons.


Un-evolved people are eager

to act out of strength, but a person of tao

values peace and quiet. He knows that every being

is born of the womb of tao. This means that his

enemies are his enemies second, his own

brothers and sisters first.


Thus he resorts to weapons

only in the direst necessity, and then uses

them with utmost restraint. He takes no pleasure in victory,

because to rejoice in victory is to delight in killing.

Whoever delights in killing will not

find success in this world.


Observe victories as

you observe a death in the

family: with sorrow and mourning.

Every victory is a funeral

for kin.


Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 31

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