accomplish your ends by yielding

kawai gyokudō


A great country is like

a low-lying land into which many

streams flow. It draws powerful energies

to it as a receptive woman draws

an eager man.


The feminine can always

conquer the masculine by yielding

and taking the lower position. In this way

she becomes as low-lying land:

in time, everything comes

her way.


Therefore a great country

can win over a small country by practicing

humility. A small country can also win over

a great country by practicing



One wins by

willingly taking the lower

position. The other wins by

willingly acknowledging

its lower position.


The great country

wants to embrace and nourish

more people.The small country wants

to ably serve its benefactor. Both

accomplish their ends

by yielding.


The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 61


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