be done with knowing

the wonders


Be done

with knowing and

your worries will disappear.

How much difference is there between

yes and no? How much distinction between

good and evil? Fearing what others fear,

admiring what they admire —




people are jolly and reckless,

feasting on worldly things and carrying on

as though every day were the beginning of spring.

I alone remain uncommitted, like an infant

who hasn’t yet smiled: lost, quietly

drifting, unattached to ideas

and places and




people hoard more than

they need, but I possess nothing

at all, know nothing at all,

understand nothing

at all.



are sharp; I am dull.

Like the sea, I am calm and

indifferent. Like the wind I

have no particular




else takes his place and

does his job; I alone remain wild

and natural and free. I am different

from the others; I drink

directly from the



Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 20


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