tao leaves nothing undone

christopher furlong


Tao doesn’t

do anything, yet

it leaves nothing



If you

abide by it,

everything in existence

will transform itself. When, in the

process of self-transformation, desires

are aroused, calm them with 

nameless simplicity.



desires are dissolved

in the primal presence, peace

and harmony naturally occur,

and the world orders



Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu

Chapter 37


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without leaving wherever you are

steady devotion


Yongjia said,

“Without leaving wherever you are,

there is constant clarity.” No words come closer

to the truth than these. If you start seeking, then we know

that you are unable to see. Just cut off any duality between

“wherever you are” and “constant clarity,” and make

yourself peaceful and serene. Avoid concocting

intellectual understanding and seeking.

As soon as you seek, it is like

grasping at shadows.



zen letters



when the dust is polished off a mirror

clayton cubitt


When the illusory body

is extinguished, the illusory mind is

also extinguished. When the illusory mind

is extinguished, the illusory sense objects are

also extinguished. When the illusory sense

objects are extinguished, the illusory

extinguishing is also



When the illusory

extinguishing is extinguished, that

which is not illusory is not extinguished.

It is similar to how, when the dust

is polished off a mirror, the

brightness appears.


Virtuous one,

you should know that body

and mind are both illusory dust.

When the form of this dust is wiped

away, purity pervades

the universe.


The Sutra of Complete Enlightenment

from Dialogues in a Dream

by Musō Soseki