we already have what we need


We already

have what we need.

The wisdom, the strength,

the confidence, the awakened heart

and mind are always accessible here and

now. A process of uncovering our

natural openness, uncovering

our natural intelligence

and warmth.


That’s why

when we feel caught

in darkness, suddenly the clouds

can part. Out of nowhere we cheer up

or relax or experience the vastness

of our minds. No one else

gives this to


Pema Chodron



are more, and larger,

forces in play than you understand.

mark it. meditate on it.

watch your







don’t seek

horse nose


seek a Buddha,

don’t seek a teaching,

don’t seek a community.

Don’t seek virtue, knowledge,

intellectual understanding, and

so on. When feelings of defilement

and purity are ended, still don’t hold

to this non-seeking and consider it right.

Don’t dwell at the point of ending, and

don’t long for heavens or fear hells.

When you are unhindered by

bondage or freedom, then

this is called liberation

of mind and body in

all places.




your nature is buddha nature


A deep

and sophisticated

understanding of Buddhism,

Taoism, Zen, Chan, philosophy,

meditation technique — none of these

is necessary to attain realization.

They are just as likely to

ensnare you in towers

of complicated




in the simple

understanding that

buddha nature is always,

has always been, will always be,

your own nature. Breathe into

that. Breathe out from it.

That is all.


Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 25

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