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If anyone who reads this site has money and wants to save the world from the depredations of humankind (er, see links just below), I’m proud to say the man in the middle there is my pal and has recently finished the most important film the world could possibly see now, about the most important subject that humanity has ever faced.


This film needs an angel now, huge financial and karmic upside, wee investment for many, not me. Bill has won some jewelry along the way, not just Oscar, through his films at HBO and elsewhere. Very much deservedly.

You can email me brian@ about this, and I hope you will.

What follows: I could go on and on for days like this, these are old-ish, and can be updated with more catastrophic links to equally reputable sources:

The Earth’s oceans are DYING: Researchers warn time is running out for marine life due to global warming

World’s Aquifers Losing Replenishment Race, Researchers Say

Shush, Meg, you’vw heard about all this for years, just shush.Do nothing, as per usual. Fairies!

Earth has entered sixth mass extinction, warn scientists

Humans are responsible for so many species dying out that we are now in a sixth mass extinction, Stanford University has warned

Mass Extinction: It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Rising carbon dioxide emissions pose ‘intoxication’ threat to world’s ocean fish:

Overfishing causing global catches to fall three times faster than estimated

Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse

Are We Approaching the End of Human History?

NASA’s terrifying new discovery shows how quickly the Earth is running out of water

Much of China Is Now An Unrepairable Ecological Disaster

The world’s most famous climate scientist just outlined an alarming scenario for our planet’s future

But sit on your hands, Meggie Sutherland Cutter, Rustle your malas, P&P.

takers I have known: meggie sutherland cutter

meggie sutherland cutter 2

Great face, ain’t it? That’s Meggie Sutherland Cutter, heiress, musical whiz, endlessly self-absorbed person. I’ve supported and promoted Meggie in public and private, intensively, for years. Last spring she called me in the middle of the night after her husband Malcolm Cutter gave her yet another drunken beating.

She had endured nine years of those at that point, and endless verbal abuse, and who knows, perhaps a rape or two when Malcolm was especially lit. Her father and uncles and brothers, who own and run Sutherlands Lumber, and who knew Meg was taking these beatings on a regular basis from her alcoholic and drug-addicted husband, allowed it to go on and on.

They told her, in fact, that she should just “be more submissive”, and that everything would be fine. They told her especially not to involve the police or get the family name in the newspaper.

I told Meggie when she called me in the middle of the night, sobbing, that one of two things was going to happen: she was going to call the police to their home, or I was. Eventually she chose to make the call, and I told her to tell the deputy en route to call my cell phone and tell me he or she was on the way. 

A deputy did that. Malcolm Cutter was arrested prosecuted for domestic violence, convicted, sentenced, and went into rehab. He’s back there now because he relapsed, poor soul, been there, done that. He also relapsed on the domestic violence front. Don’t expect any help from your family there, Meggie. You’ll have to stand up for yourself, not “be more submissive”.

I saved Meggie from more beatings, her children from dying in a drunken driving accident, perhaps her life — Malcolm had threatened it on many occasions.

I couldn’t find a quick record of his arrest, this looks more like his pappy, he’s from Oklahoma:

meggie sutherland cutter malcolm arrest

Mayhaps the Sutherlands were able to tamp down Malcolm’s arrest news and the attendant search results. Heaven knows, family rep beats all, even when it comes to a fresh young face you whelped and raised.

meggie sutherland cutter 3 I bring all this up not to pat myself on the back. I was just doing what I’ve been taught to do by these folks:

brian browne walker father bud walker


I help people. Unlike most, I’ve asked Meggie to help me back. She has tens of millions of dollars and I live on air while trying to make this giddy up and go, and trying to find the right distributor for Bill Couturié’s immaculate and couldn’t-be-more-important film — which I gave Meg an opportunity to watch and buy since it’s all about animals, which theoretically she loves, but she couldn’t be bothered — and saving her and more than a few others in the night and in the day.

meggie sutherland cutter 4

Meg’s got a real nice farm with horses and lots of other animals. She’s got a lot of purty lil dresses too. The family has airplanes, a jet, vacation homes galore. Like most rich folks, there’s one thing you’re not allowed to talk to Meggie about: money.

You can save her life, you can save her children’s lives, you can tolerate her endless texting about her own emotions when you’re at your dying father’s bedside — well, actually, sometimes you can’t tolerate that, you have to block her number so she’ll leave you alone and let your father die in peace with your full attention, not half of it on whatever her emotion of the moment is.

  meggie sutherland cutter personal harassment tmobile help best cell company in world

Her reaction to this will be to feel sorry for herself. Her family’s will be to threaten me, or her, or both of us and anybody who fails to do their magisterial bidding. This is the same family that consciously let their own daughter, sister, niece be beaten by a drunk for nearly a decade. Who lets that continue to this day in the interest of staying out of the paper.

Lao Tzu, the legend goes, left the kingdom because he was so disgusted with the behavior of his fellow humans. I feel you, cuz.

the eyes of the world are watching you

brian browne walker clinton-obama-trump


Turkish Khwarazmshah

captured many areas with households,

children, nobility, merchants, and even prophets.

But there seems to be no purpose to his seizure of power.

Success mixed with indecision, procrastination,

and missed opportunities brings



A devil

might overhear angels

making plans, but his purposes are 

so  different that the knowing

beforehand gives him no





whose knowledge comes

from one four-hour nightwatch of

looking up at the stars now

proposes a theory

for the entire




all that you have is your soul

angels walk the earth 


Hexagram 55: FÊNG /




the search 

for enlightenment, 

there is an ever-present 

certainty that there is more to do, 

someone else who holds the 

secret, another state to 



In the 

finding of it, 

there is the comical

revelation that not one

of those things was 

ever true.



Hexagram 9: HSIAO CH’U /




best effort 

one can make is the 

gentlest effort: wei wu wei. 

Quietly, persistently direct the 

mind toward emptiness. When 

all thoughts and ideas have 

dissipated, then make no 

further effort. Just 




is the only

practice required of a 

human, the best one, the one 

that perfectly purifies

our lives.


brian browne walker all that you have is your soul
from the Wei Wu Wei Ching, A Pocket Manual for Attaining Enlightenment by Brian Browne Walker