in silence, peace and wisdom seek you out



try to escape from

the movements of the world.

Remain in the midst of everything, 

focused into the empty space 

at the center of your




your whole being

there without pause, alert, quietly

smiling, you detach from clamor and 

 chaos and become independent

and free. From here you 

 can teach yourself 



Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 37

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make love with the origin of the universe


With all this

talking, what has been said?

The subtle truth can be pointed 

at with words, but it can’t

be contained by



Take time to

listen to what is said

without words, to obey the law too

subtle to be written, to worship the

unnameable and to embrace

the unformed.


Love your life.

Trust the Tao. Make

love with the invisible

subtle origin of the universe,

and you will give yourself

everything you



You won’t

have to hide away

forever in spiritual retreats.

You can be a gentle, contemplative

hermit right here in the middle of

everything, utterly unaffected,

thoroughly sustained

and rewarded by

your integral



Encouraging others,

giving freely to all, awakening

and purifying the world with each

movement and action, you’ll

ascend to the divine

realm in broad



The breath of

the Tao speaks, and

those who are in harmony

with it hear quite



from Hua hu Ching, Chapter 81

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smash the mountain of self to pieces


This thing

is there with everyone

right where they stand. But only if you

have planted deep and strong roots in the past

will you have the strength in the midst

of worldly truth to push

entangling objects



You must

consciously step back from

conventional perceptions and worldly entanglements to

move along on your own and reflect with an independent awareness.

Cleanse and purify your karma of mind, body, and mouth,

sit upright and investigate reality, until you arrive

at subtle insight and clear




in your own life,

detach from conditioned views

and cut off sentiments. Stand like a wall a mile high.

Abandon the deep seated conditioning and the erroneous perception

that has been with you since time without beginning. Smash

the mountain of self to pieces, dry up views based

on craving, and directly take up

the truth.