a fine place to do active meditation work is among confusion and disturbances



you set your body

on the meditation bench,

it is no more than silencing and

emptying the mind and investigating with

your whole being. Just make your mind and thoughts

clarify and become still. A fine place to do active meditation work is

among confusion and disturbances. When you do active meditation, you must

penetrate through the heights and the depths, without omitting anything.

The whole essential being appears ready-made before you, and it

no longer arises from anywhere else. It is just this one Great

Potential, turning smoothly and steadily. Why talk

anymore about “worldly phenomena” and

“enlightened truth”? If you maintain a

uniform equilibrium over months

and years, naturally your

stand will be true

and solid. 



shed the duality that you are a seeker

‘fiddle oak’, Zevwonder fern


is nothing that 

is impure, nothing in need 

of elimination, no place to go, not a thing 

to obtain. Shed the duality that you are a seeker 

in search of some attainment. Just be as 

you are, without attachment

to anything, anyone,

any state, any



Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 24

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 photo: zev


weapons turn on their wielders


Those who

wish to use Tao to influence

others don’t rely on force or weapons

or military strategies.  Force rebounds.

Weapons turn on their wielders.

Battles are inevitably

followed by



Just do

what needs to be

done,  and then stop.

Attain your purpose, but

don’t press  your advantage.

Be resolute, but don’t force.

Succeed, but don’t crow.

Accomplish, but don’t




things invites decay,

and this is against Tao.

Whatever is against

Tao soon ceases

to be.


The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 30

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want to be at peace anywhere in the universe?

dog meditation buddha monks



to consider 

the widespread degree 

to which people prefer chasing 

fame and fortune to refining their 

understanding of the Way. The evidence 

is that status and riches make people 

more insecure and frantic, 

not less, but do 

they examine 



The wise 

person does,

and acts accordingly. 

She divests herself of unnecessary 

possessions and abandons frenetic activity. 

With her quiet mind and untroubled 

heart, she is at home anywhere 

in the universe wearing 

a patched 



Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 53

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January 15, 1929 ~ April 4, 1968


God is love.

He who hates does

not know God, but he who

has love has the key that unlocks

the door to the meaning

of ultimate



Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.




for the dead are on the

same footing as gifts for the living.

The angel goes in to the dead with a tray of light,

bearing a cloth of light, and says, “This is a gift for you

from your brother so-and-so, from your relative

so-and-so.” And he delights in it just as

a living man rejoices

in a gift.




“if there is a way forward, it lies in these words: restraint, quality, and simplicity.”

 yvon chouinard

Twenty-five years ago, a Japanese friend gave me a telescoping fiberglass pole with no reel seat. It was a beautiful, precious gift; light, sensitive, and elegant. When I received this tenkara rod, I didn’t really understand what I was getting. I stored it on a shelf in my cabin for 15 years until one day I decided to try it on a willow-lined meadow creek in the Wyoming Range. It was a very windy day in August, and grasshoppers were being blown about, so I put on a muddler and fished it upstream as a hopper and downstream as a sculpin. The thin, heavy horsehair line cut through the wind far better than a floating fly line and I moved from pool to pool without having to reel in line and let it out again. I caught fish in every pool: nice cut-throats up to 16 inches.


This centuries-old technique was perfect for fly fishing that day and since that time I have found it to be as effective for catching lots of fish as anything that has come out of our high-tech fly-fishing industry. Heaven knows we fly fisherman are suckers for every new gizmo we think will give us a leg up on catching fish: Our trout rods are designed to throw lead-weighted streamers clear across the river and reels come with drags engineered to stop a truck, even though any old click drag will stop a trout. Hundreds of fly lines are available to us, yet I seriously doubt you will catch one more trout with a line fine-tuned to the conditions than with a classic doublt taper. The original pheasant tail nymph may still be the most effective nymph ever tied.


We love our tools, but too often they are overbuilt and over specialized. They get between us and the experience. The satisfaction to be gained from the synergy of hand, eye, and muscle are missing. Sheridan Anderson says in The Curtis Creek Manifesto, “despite rumors to the contrary, the paramount objective is to catch fish,” but in the pursuit of the catch you will gain so much more. The higher purpose of practicing a sport such as fly fishing, hunting, or mountain climbing is to effect some spiritual or physical transformation.  But if the process is compromised, there is no gain.


What’s happened with fly fishing is no different from what’s happened with every other sport or pastime — in fact, with society as a whole.


We all know the present world economy based on endlessly consuming and discarding is destroying our planet. When we see the results of our high-tech, high-risk, and highly toxic economic system, many of us question our frenetic consumer lifestyles. We years for a simpler life based not on refusing all technology, but on going back to appropriate technology.


It seems to me if there is a way forward, it lies in these words: restraint, quality, and simplicity. We have to get away from thinking that all growth is good, or we end up like the fly fishermen so fixated on launching long casts that they put the fly beyond where the fish are.


I believe the way toward mastery of any endeavor is to work toward simplicity; replace complex technology with knowledge. The more you know, the less you need. A more simple approach to fly fishing helps preserve our capacity for wonder. It can teach us to see, smell, and feel the miracles of stream life — with the beauty of nature and serenity all around — as we pursue wild fish.


The lesson we learn from fishing with a tenkara rod is that we shouldn’t fear that a simpler life will be an impoverished life. Rather, simplicity leads to a richer and more satisfying way of fishing — and more more importantly, living.

Yvon Chouinard



die the great death, and meet what never dies



the great death,

and in the cool  ashes of  

the funeral pyre you will

meet what never



How is 

this accomplished?

By letting go of thoughts,

sacrificing all sentiment,

abandoning emotion,

ignoring the




transcendent, unseeking, 

absorbed in stillness and doing

not-doing, you will find that

the universe comes

to you.


Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 12

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concentrate upon the Way without pause



you’ve begun 

to understand the Way, 

concentrate upon it without 

pause. This is the sunlight that

matures the fruit of your




your insight through 

whatever comes, you make 

a Oneness of the world, and

conditions such as “good”

and “bad” drop 



Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 40

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the pivot of delight and praise is friendship


The pivot

of delight and praise is

friendship. Consider how when you

are working in a garden or in an orchard, or

singing a song, or just sitting beside swift running water,

how each of these improves immensely if you are

with a friend. In companionship pain

begins to heal, and joy



Two enemies

or two strangers will not

recognize each other when they move

into spirit. From this point on in your life, resolve

to find more friends. God is pleased when

you are together with friends

sharing something,



person meets

someone and sees a lover.

Another meets the same and turns away.

These differences in attraction do not come from

your bodies or from your culture. They live innate within

creation as secret inclinations. One person loves

horses much more than pigs, but

pigs have their admirers

too. Pigs have



Bahauddin Velad,

father of Rumi


devotion to truth enables a revolution


A set

of conditions, internal or

external or both, is ready to pass away in

favor of a more beneficial situation. What enables this

transformation is your conscious and vigorous

adherence to correct thought

and behavior.


No revolution

in outer things is possible

without a prior revolution in one’s inner way

of being. Whatever change you aspire to in your affairs must be

preceded by a change in heart, and active deepening and strengthening

of your resolve to meet every event with equanimity, detachment,

and innocent goodwill. When this spiritual poise is

achieved within, magnificent things

are possible without.


The revolutions

of others are enabled also when we

refine the fire of goodness and truth inside ourselves.

Sincere commitment to higher things travels outward in powerful waves

from the superior person, and all those around are affected by this.

Indisputably, to lead one’s inner self to truth and peace is to

lead the outer world to truth and peace. A beneficial

revolution is assured to one who

takes this path now.


The I Ching, or Book of Changes,

Hexagram 49: Ko / Revolution


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forget all gaining ideas

milky way meditation


to be a 

human being 

is to be a buddha. 

Buddha nature is just 

another name for human 

nature, our true human nature. 

Thus even though you do not do anything, 

you are actually doing something. You are expressing 

yourself. You are expressing your true nature. Your eyes will 

express; your voice will express; your demeanor will 

express. The most important thing is to express 

your true nature in the simplest, most

adequate way and to appreciate 

it in the smallest 



While you are 

continuing this practice, 

week after week, year after year, 

your experience will become deeper and 

deeper, and your experience will cover everything 

you do in your everyday life. The most important thing is to 

forget all gaining ideas, all dualistic ideas. In other words, just 

practice zazen in a certain posture. Do not think about 

anything. Just remain on your cushion without 

expecting anything. Then eventually you 

will resume your own true nature. 

That is to say, your own true 

nature resumes 



Shunryu Suzuki