how to become the buddha


Burning incense,
bowing before the buddha,
offering prayers, confessing your sins,
and reading the scriptures — from the very start of
one’s practice of zen, these are all completely unnecessary.
Forget the self. This is the only requirement. Become
the buddha. If you do, you will transform
the whole universe into




this is how the sages say lasting progress is won

swimmingtiger - Version 2


Lasting progress is won

through quiet self-discipline.



hexagram outlines

the foundation of proper conduct

within ourselves, with those with whom

we may have conflicts, and within the larger

society. It serves to remind us that no

genuine gains can be made unless

we are rooted firmly in the

principles of the


An image

often associated with

this hexagram is that of treading

on the tail of a tiger. The “tiger” may be

some strong or malevolent force in your own

personality, or it may be a particularly volatile individual

or situation with which you have to deal. In either case

the advice of the I Ching is the same: one avoids the

bite of a tiger by treading carefully. To tread

carefully means that we remain steadfastly

innocent and conscientious

in our thoughts and



It is

inevitable that

people will display varying

levels of spiritual understanding.

It is not our duty to condemn or correct others,

but simply to go on developing ourselves. Do not imagine

that you can hasten your progress through aggressive actions now.

Power that is sought and wielded pridefully has a way of

evaporating when you need it most, thus exacerbating

your difficulties. The only lasting influence is

that which arises naturally from

a course of steady


In the end,

it is our inner worth that

determines the outer conditions

of our lives. Those who resolve to persevere

in humility, sincerity, and gentleness can

tread anywhere — even on the tail

of a tiger — and meet with



from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 10, Lu / Treading / Conduct


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enlightenment comes only when you accept everything that is in complete stillness




comes only when you 

accept everything that is – 

without resistance, without quarrel, in

complete stillness. This is the only, the

simplest, the necessary ground

of being for complete 




opportunity to

 dwell in quiet acceptance

exists in every moment — sitting,

bathing, cleaning, cooking, working,

wherever. When that moment

passes, it is present in

the next. Just




Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 2

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