fear not of man



single day I seem to step

on some toes  most is by accident

& some is dat I chose  I got one thing to say

to all da hidden faces  when it come 

to spittin’ truth who

 is holdin’





no easier way to die

by the noose or the knife in the

complex lie of America than to grow up

pigmented, talkative, and alert in the projects,

then go to work illuminating fresh young

minds about it all. i bow at this

gentleman’s feet for his

life, his soul, and

his way


mos is the most


once again, for emphasis


Great bodhisattvas

arrive at consummate skill in means;

they are always concerned with the welfare of all

sentient beings, they do not reject the realm of common

ignorance, do not seek individual escape, do not cling to their own

happiness. They only strive to edify and liberate others; they are

able to enter and exit meditations and liberations, and have

attained mastery of all concentrations. They come

and go in birth and death as though

roaming through a park,

never getting sick

of it.

book slut


may live in the palace

of demons or may be celestial beings —

they manifest their bodies in all realms of life.

They may become mendicants in non-buddhist groups,

yet they always avoid false views…They may appear as beautiful

women, intelligent and talented, foremost in the world…Though they

show attainment  of true enlightenment moment to moment, still

they do not stop the practice of bodhisattvas. This is their

fourth  unique quality, the ultimate consummation

of skill in means without relying

on the teaching of



Avatamsaka Sutra