listen with your primal spirit

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your attention. Stop

listening with your ears and listen with

your mind. Then stop listening with your mind and

listen with your primal spirit. Hearing is limited to the

ear. Mind is limited to tallying things up. But

the primal spirit is empty: it’s simply

that which awaits



my nose wrinkles at the smell of incense

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handiwork cannot

be measured but still priests wag

their tongues explaining the “Way” and

babbling about “Zen.” This old monk has never

cared for false piety and my nose

wrinkles at the dark smell of

incense before the



Crazy Cloud

speaks of Daito’s unsurpassed

brilliance but the clatter of royal carriages

about the temple gates drowns him out and no

one listens to tales of the Patriarch’s long

years of hunger and homelessness

beneath Gojo





In order to deepen his Zen understanding, Daito Kokushi (also known as Shuho Myocho, 1281-1338), the founder of Daitoku-ji, passed a number of years hiding out amoung the beggars clustered about Kyoto’s Gojo Bridge.

knowing what is enough is freedom

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is more precious,

fame or health? Which is more

valuable, health or wealth?

Which is more harmful,

winning or



The more

excessive your love,

the greater your suffering.

The longer you hoard,

the heavier your




what is enough is freedom.

Knowing when to stop is safety.

Practice these, and

you’ll endure.


from The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 46

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