the tao doesn’t avoid the world

true mastery


Do you think

you can clear your mind

by sitting constantly in silent

meditation? This makes

your mind narrow,

not clear.


Integral awareness is

fluid and adaptable, present in all

places and at all times.
 That is

true meditation.

Who can attain

clarity and simplicity by

avoiding the world? The Tao is clear

and simple, and it doesn’t

avoid the world.


Why not simply honor

your parents,
 love your children, 

your brothers and sisters, 
be faithful to your

care for your mate with devotion,

your work cooperatively and joyfully,
 assume responsibility

for problems,
 practice virtue without first demanding

it of others, 
understand the highest truths yet

retain an ordinary manner?

That would be true clarity,

true simplicity, true



Hua hu Ching, Chapter 52


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they see the divine in all forms

he did


In the East,

when we speak of saints

or sages, it is not because of their

miracles, it is because of their presence

and their countenance which radiate vibrations

of love. How does this love express itself? In tolerance,

in forgiveness, in respect, in overlooking the faults of others.

Their sympathy covers the defects of others as if they were

their own; they forget their own interest in the interest

of others. They do not mind what conditions they are

in; be they high or humble, their foreheads are

smiling. To their eyes everyone is the

expression of the Beloved, whose

name they repeat. They see the

divine in all forms and

in all beings.


Hazrat Inayat Khan