those who follow tao

always at peace


Those who follow

Tao strive for perfection,

but they are wary about being called

prophets. That is a limited role. Being a prophet

represents a great trap baited with the temptation of

self-importance. The ultimate aim of following

Tao is to transcend identity. Those who call

themselves prophets or even masters

maximize their identities.


It is far better

not to be a prophet, and to

eschew the responsibilities, limitations,

and temptations. It is far better to be obscure

and to be thought stupid. Having someone call you

by a title is an interference that you don’t need.

When you are seeing the greatest wonder

of your life, the last thing you want

is to have someone blocking

the light. 


Deng Ming-Dao


the greatest teacher

ramana maharshi


The highest truth

cannot be put into words.

Therefore the greatest teacher has

nothing to say. He simply gives

himself in service, and

never worries.

Hua hu Ching, Chapter 23


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everything has the same value

the shaggy dog


There is no distinction

between heaven and earth, man and woman,

teacher and disciple. Sometimes a man bows to a woman;

sometimes a woman bows to a man. Sometimes the disciple bows

to the master; sometimes the master bows to the disciple. A master

who cannot bow to his disciple cannot bow to Buddha.

Sometimes the master and disciple bow together

to Buddha. Sometimes we may bow

to cats and dogs.


In your big mind,

everything has the same value.

Everything is Buddha himself. You see something

or hear a sound, and there you have everything just as it is.

In your practice you should accept everything as it is, giving to

each thing the same respect given to a Buddha. Here there

is Buddhahood. Then Buddha bows to Buddha,

and you bow to yourself. This is

the true bow.


Shunryu Suzuki

zen mind, beginner’s mind