accepting responsibility for one’s energies


superior person

cares for the well-being of all things.

She does this by accepting responsibility for the energy

she manifests, both actively and in the subtle realm. Looking at a tree,

she sees not an isolated event but root, leaves, trunk, water,

soil and sun: each event related to the others,

and “tree” arising out of their




at herself or another,

she sees the same thing. Trees and

animals, humans and insects, flowers and birds:

These are active images of the subtle energies that flow

from the stars throughout the universe. Meeting

and combining with each other and

the elements of the earth, they

give rise to all living




superior person

understands this, and understands

that her own energies play a part in it. Understanding

these things, she respects the earth as her mother, the heavens

as her father, and all living things as her brothers and sisters.

Caring for them, she knows that she cares for herself.

Giving to them, she knows that she gives to

herself. At peace with them, she is

always at peace with



from Hua hu Ching, Chapter 37


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