be humble like someone held captive

there is one clear truth


Soul guides and

prophets have an innate innocence,

but they are subject to the same consequences

as everyone. If a donkey veers off course, he will be hit

with a stick. If you do wrong, you will be punished. Abu Bakr

said that steadiness is the central virtue. From the

mind’s steadiness comes a right action

which in turn balances the



They asked me

why prophets were given hardships.

I said it helps to have clear indications. And I added

silently to myself, Be more humble like someone

held captive. Bow to the one who

can free you.


Bahauddin, father of Rumi

the drowned book


do good only for the sake of goodness

The Sufi moral is this:

Love another and do not depend

upon his love; and: do good to another

and do not depend upon receiving good

from him; serve another and do not look

for service from him. All you do for another

out of your love and kindness, you should think

that you do, not to that person, but to God. And

if the person returns love for love, goodness

for goodness, service for service, so much

the better. If he does not return it, then

pity him for what he loses; for his

gain is much less than

his loss.


Do not look for thanks

or appreciation for all the good you do to

others, nor use it as a means to stimulate your vanity.

Do all that you consider good for the sake of

goodness, not even for a return

of that from God.


Hazrat Inayat Khan


add to goodness from your own heart

the way of jesus


Whenever we see

that goodness is lacking,

we may add to it from our own heart

and so complete the nobility of human nature.

This is done by patience, tolerance, kindness, forgiveness.

The lover of goodness loves every little sign of goodness.

He overlooks the faults and fills up the gaps by

pouring out love and supplying that

which is lacking. This is real

nobility of soul.


Hazrat Inayat Khan

the stream of love