release and let go and flow

smilin’ steph gilmore


Forget the body.

Let go of sensations

and obsessions and objects.

Do non-doing to the point that thoughts

cease to arise. Releasing mental constructs and

emotional entanglements, you’ll begin

to flow as a sage. Then let go

of that notion on top

of everything



Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 15

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how can it be taken by force?

one robe, one bowl

Having left the Fifth Ancestral Teacher’s place, Hui Neng traveled south for two months, and had reached the Ta Yu Range. He was pursued by the monk Hui Ming, who was originally a general, accompanied by several hundred men, who wanted to seize the robe and bowl (emblematic of succession to the ancestral teachers).

Ming was the first to overtake him. The Sixth Ancestral Teacher threw down the robe and bowl on a rock and said, “This robe signifies faith: how can it be taken by force?” Ming tried to pick up the robe and bowl, but was unable to move them. At that point he said, “I have come for the Dharma, not for the robe.”

The Ancestral Teacher said, “Since you’ve come for the Dharma, you should put to rest all your motivations, and don’t give rise to a single thought, and I will explain for you.” After a silence, he said, “Without thinking of good, and without thinking of evil, at just such a time, which is your original face?”

At these words, Hui Ming was greatly enlightened. He also asked, “Besides the intimate words and meaning that struck home a moment ago, is there any further intimate message?”

The ancestral teacher said, “If it were said to you, it wouldn’t be intimate. If you turn around and reflect, what’s intimate is in you.”



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the ultimate path is not one-sided

acey harper


The Ultimate Path is not

one-sided, the Final Truth is not biased.

We must not seize upon the views of just one

of these approaches. We must understand

them as one and make them all

perfect and wondrous.


In essence,

if you are confined to one

of them, they are all wrong; if you

reconcile them, they are all correct.

Forget sentiments and return

to the ocean of


Records of the Teachers and Students of the Lanka

full text here


a priceless jewel in your own body

caris reid


Each of you has a

priceless jewel in your own body.

It radiates light through your eyes, shining

through the mountains, river, and earth. It radiates light

through your ears, taking in all sounds, good and bad.

It radiates light through your six senses day

and night. This is also called

absorption in light.


You yourself do not

recognize it, but it is in your

physical body, supporting it inside

and out, not letting it tip over. Even if you

are carrying a double load of rocks

over a single-log bridge,

it still doesn’t let

you fall over.


What is it?

If you seek in the slightest,

it cannot be seen.



like the moon reflected in water

koho shoda


My teaching

which has come down

from the ancient Buddhas

is not dependent on meditation

(dhyana) or on diligent application

of any kind. When you attain the insight as

attained by the Buddha, you realize that Mind is

Buddha and Buddha is Mind, that Mind, Buddha,

sentient beings, Bodhi (enlightenment),

and Klesa (passions)  are of one and

the same substance while

they vary in names.


You should know that

your own mind−essence is neither subject

to annihilation nor eternally subsisting, is neither

pure nor defiled, that it remains perfectly undisturbed and

self−sufficient and the same with the wise and the ignorant, that it

is not limited in its working, and that it is not included in the

category of mind (citta), consciousness (manas), or

thought (vijnana). The three worlds of desire,

form, and no−form, and the six paths

of existence are no more than

manifestations of your

mind itself.


They are all like the moon

reflected in water or images in the

mirror. How can we speak of them as being

born or as passing away? When you come

to this understanding, you will be

furnished with all the things

you are in need of.