this is the pure buddha-land

within purity


There is no dharma

that can be explained, no mind that

can be spoken of: inherent reality-nature is empty.

Going back to the fundamental basis is the Path. The real

identity of the Path is empty and boundless, vast and pure.

With its stillness and solitude, it obliterates the cosmos.

It pervades ancient and modern, but its nature

is pure. It is perfect from top to bottom

and everywhere pure. This is the

pure buddha-land.


The Path

of enlightenment

cannot be charted or measured:

highest of the high, vast beyond limit,

deepest of the deep, profound beyond

fathoming, big enough to contain

heaven and earth, small enough

to enter an infinitesimal

point—thus it is called

the Path.


Records of the Teachers and Students of the Lanka

full text here


you are no different from buddha

be free of all worldly affairs


You are no different from buddha.

There is no other dharma.
 Simply let your mind

be carefree.
 You do not need to contemplate
 your action

and to purify your mind.
 Let your mind be boundless 
and without

any obstruction.
 Be free from going and coming.
 Whether you

walk or stay,
 sit or lie down, and whatever
 you see or

 all are the subtle functions of buddha.

It is joy without sorrow.
 This is

called buddha.