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Before the awakening, man with his little knowledge thinks he knows so much, but now his pride is broken. He finds that all he has known hitherto is useless, that he has to begin all over again. But this is the very time when inspiration and power come. The power of concentration is the means by which to acquire not only the power of telepathy, but will power, moral power, inspirational power, moral courage, mental strength, physical strength, and all the different kinds of development in life. It is the first stage, and maybe it is the last stage, when a person’s eyes open to real light.

There are three different steps in concentration: observation, concentration, and vision. Observation is developed by singleness of glance. For instance, if I look at a person I can see that one person much better than if I look at many people and it is thus with everything in life. The first step in learning mysticism is just this: to develop our observation. We are always looking at a hundred things around us, and hardly ever study one thing properly at all. To understand and know a thing better we must keep looking at it; if we keep looking at everything we look at nothing. Such is the law of observation.

The next step, concentration, implies steadiness of mind. We cannot concentrate until we have made the external part steady. Just think: can we keep our eye fixed on one spot for some time without moving it? Can we sit in one posture without fidgeting? Why, many people cannot sit still even for a photographer! This shows us that the vehicle given us to control and utilize is not completely in our power, and if the lowest vehicle we have is not in our power, though this is the simplest thing to control, how then can our mind be in our control? How can we acquire more pure and more powerful thoughts?

Various postures have been recommended to enable us to acquire control. The body has to be made our obedient servant first, and when the body has been subdued the mind will learn obedience from it, for order teaches order. The inner self cannot be in order if the external self is not in order, for our mind is always affected by the body. In order to learn to control the mind we must therefore first learn to control the body.

The third step is vision. When concentration has been mastered the vision becomes clear, and when the vision is clear we can aim clearly, like one who has learned to aim a ball at a certain spot and hit it. If he does not throw the ball properly how can it reach the goal? To hold the ball in our hand and aim it at and hit the desired goal we must master three things: observation, concentration, and vision.

Hazrat Inayat Khan


quiet strength insures success

joel rea



unavoidable time of adversity.

 Quiet strength insures a

later success.


It is a time

of oppression and exhaustion.

None of us escapes such moments; they are simply

a part of living. By meeting them in the correct spirit and

cheerfully bending instead of breaking, you weather

the adversity and meet with success

at a later time.


Inferior elements,

either in one’s self, another,

or the larger world, interfere now to

restrain the superior person. It is foolish to fight

against the restraint; success is simply not possible now.

Rid yourself of the desire to progress and return

to neutrality and acceptance. The stubborn

pursuit of results will bring



With others,

quietness and equanimity are

the watchwords of the moment. Say little,

and say it gently. A similar reticence and gentleness

should be applied to yourself. Do not lapse into

impatience or mistrust of the Deity. Accept

that the Creative often works in a way

that we cannot see or



A feeling of

despair or depression is a sign

that you are holding a false belief.

To perpetuate an untruth about yourself,

another, or the Sage is to block your own

happiness. Root out and remove any

idea or attitude which

causes negative



By opening

your mind, quieting your heart,

and calmly holding to proper principles,

you make it possible for the Creative

to eliminate the oppression

that currently



from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 47, K’un / Oppression (Exhaustion)


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rooted in the principles of the sage

konstantin tronin


Lasting progress is won 

through quiet self-discipline.


This hexagram outlines the foundation of proper conduct within ourselves, with those with whom we may have conflicts, and within the larger society. It serves to remind us that no genuine gains can be made unless we are rooted firmly in the principles of the Sage.

An image often associated with this hexagram is that of treading on the tail of a tiger. The “tiger” may be some strong or malevolent force in your own personality, or it may be a particularly volatile individual or situation with which you have to deal. In either case the advice of the I Ching is the same: one avoids the bite of a tiger by treading carefully. To tread carefully means that we remain steadfastly innocent and conscientious in our thoughts and actions. 

It is inevitable that people will display varying levels of spiritual understanding. It is not our duty to condemn or correct others, but simply to go on developing ourselves. Do not imagine that you can hasten your progress through aggressive actions now. Power that is sought and wielded pridefully has a way of evaporating when you need it most, thus exacerbating your difficulties. The only lasting influence is that which arises naturally from a course of steady development.

In the end, it is our inner worth that determines the outer conditions of our lives. Those who resolve to persevere in humility, sincerity, and gentleness can tread anywhere – even on the tail of a tiger – and meet with success.


from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 10, Lü / Treading


ebooks & apps of the Tao the Ching, I Ching,

Hua hu Ching, and Art of War for

iPad, Phone, Kindle, Nook,

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the I Ching as part of a

five-app bundle of Taoist classics 

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