we might as well stop struggling

the subtle universe appears



the twelfth-century Tibetan

yogi who sang wonderful songs about

the proper way to meditate, said that the mind

has more projections than there are dust motes in a

sunbeam and that even hundreds of spears couldn’t put

an end to that. As meditators we might as well stop struggling

against our thoughts and realize that honesty and humor

are far more inspiring and helpful than any

kind of solemn religious striving

for or against



Pema Chodron


the practice of repaying wrongs

enzo massa micron


What is the

practice of repaying wrongs?

When receiving suffering, a practitioner

who cultivates the Path should think to himself:

“During countless ages past I have abandoned the root

and pursued the branches, flowing into the various states

of being, and giving rise to much rancor and hatred—the

transgression, the harm done, has been limitless.

Though I do not transgress now, this suffering

is a disaster left over from former lives —

the results of evil deeds have ripened.

This suffering is not something

given by gods or



You should willingly

endure the suffering without anger

or complaint. The sutra says: “Encountering

suffering, one is not concerned. Why? Because one

is conscious of the basic root.” When this attitude toward

suffering is born, you are in accord with inner truth,

and even as you experience wrongs, you advance

on the Path. Thus it is called “the practice

of  repaying wrongs”.

Records of the Teachers and Students of the Lanka

full text here


the kingship of the dervish

patch-robed monks


Fleeting time

and the changes of matter

make all the kings of the earth but

transitory kings, ruling over transitory kingdoms;

this is because of their dependence upon their environment

instead of their imagination. But the kingship of the dervish,

independent of all external influences, based purely on

his mental perception and strengthened by the forces

of his will, is much truer and at once unlimited

and everlasting. Yet in the materialistic view

his kingdom would appear as nothing,

while in the spiritual conception

it is an immortal and

exquisite realm

of joy.


Hazrat Inayat Khan

detours and distractions



Not all

spiritual paths lead to

the Harmonious Oneness.

Indeed, most are detours and

distractions, nothing



Why not

trust the plainness and

simplicity of the Integral Way?

Living with unconditional sincerity,

eradicating all duality, celebrating the

equality of things, your every

moment will be

in truth.


Hua hu Ching, Chapter 25


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