tao is the treasure of the world


Tao is the hidden

secret source of all life.

Good men recognize that Tao provides

for them and therefore they esteem it.

Bad men don’t recognize this,

but the Tao doesn’t stop

providing for



Beautiful words

win some men honors;

good deeds buy others acclaim.

But the Tao values everyone,

not just those who excel.

What’s the sense

in discarding



Thus, on the day

a new king is crowned

or powerful ministers installed,

while others rush forward with gifts

and praises, just be still

and offer Tao.



have sages

prized Tao for so long?

Because with Tao, he who

seeks finds, and he who has

flaws is forgiven. This is

why it is the treasure

of the world.


from The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 62


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