all this teaching is just for you

gordon wiltsie



the Way

were about being

a student of something,

it wouldn’t be alive in the world.

It lives because certain people say to 

themselves, “All this teaching is

just for me. I am the living 

expression of




isn’t arrogant.

This is humbly keeping the

buddhasLao Tzu, Lalla, Rumi, Suzuki,

BahauddinYuanwu, all of them, alive in the

world. Only you can accomplish this. 

You are the only



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remember you are inside the presence


Whatever state you’re in,

remember you are inside the presence.

Out looking for pleasure, there especially —

I have found no delight better than the mix of touch

with love. That taste is the sweetest. When you are tranced

in that, recall who gave you these pleasurable forms and

inclinations. Even when having a brain seizure,

remember how earthquake energy pries

apart mountains and zigzags a stone

wall. Let that core-energy break

your convulsion.


When you’re afraid

of a certain man in power, of some

authority binding you, in these anxieties,

as well as in prostration prayer,

taste the presence.


Bahauddin, father of Rumi

The Drowned Book