wind up unburdened, as you were before

josef kote


The essence of awareness,

complete and clear, is a formless body.

Don’t mistake far and near based on intellectual opinion.

When thoughts differ, you’re blind to the substance

of the mysteries. When mind diverges,

you’re not neighbor to

the Way.


When subjectively

discriminating myriad things,

you get submerged in the objects before you.

When conscious awareness is fragmented,

you lose the basic reality.


If you understand

such expressions with complete

clarity, you’ll wind up unburdened,

as you were before.




maintaining quiet awareness

mountain bluebird



quiet awareness from

moment to moment, you’ll see

that your enlightenment is not separate

from the ordinary world but one with it.

It doesn’t come from some distance to

get to you and it doesn’t go away

when you stop attending to it.

Make awareness continuous,

though, and it will




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