the highest good is like water

kadir nelson


The highest

good is like water,

which benefits all things and

contends with none. It flows in low

places that others disdain, and

thus it is close to

the tao.


In living,

choose your ground well.

In thought, stay deep in the heart.

In relationships, be generous.

In speaking, hold to the truth.

In leadership, be organized.

In work, do your best.

In action, be



If you compete with no one,

no one can compete with you.

The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 8


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you are no different from buddha

be free of all worldly affairs


You are no different from buddha.

There is no other dharma.
 Simply let your mind

be carefree.
 You do not need to contemplate
 your action

and to purify your mind.
 Let your mind be boundless 
and without

any obstruction.
 Be free from going and coming.
 Whether you

walk or stay,
 sit or lie down, and whatever
 you see or

 all are the subtle functions of buddha.

It is joy without sorrow.
 This is

called buddha.