is not an asexual, dispassionate,

head-in-the-clouds, nails-in-the-palms

disappearance from the game of life. It’s a

volcanic, kick-ass, erotic commitment

to love in action, coupled with

hard-headed practical



Elissa Giles


to be unconcerned in all things



a person

overlooks the faults

of others, and sees only their merits,

and thus keeps his mind serene, his whole life

will be happy. To be unconcerned in all

things, with the mind cool, free of

desires and without hate,

is beautiful in a



Ramana Maharshi


you are the buddha now


Do you find 

your spiritual practice 

pitiful and wanting? If buddha 

were before you, would you 

be ashamed, afraid, 

shy, small?


Wake up! 

The truth too large 

for words is that the buddha 

is closer to you than that: 

you are the buddha



This entire world 

is just for you. All the teaching in 

this world is only for you. Accept this without 

further thought of whether you are good 

or bad and be responsible to it. 

This is the spirit you must 

bring to everything that

you do. Be the




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this morning


This morning

I felt strong and jaunty in my

mail order Israeli commando trousers.

Up at Hard Luck Ranch I spoke to the ravens

in baritone, fed the cats with manly gestures. Acacia

thorns can’t penetrate these mighty pants, then

out by the corral the infant pup began to

weep, abandoned. In an instant

I became another of the

Earth’s billion sad



Jim Harrison





strikes up out of the earth

stunning the air with sound     the sun falls

flaming into the sea     bright cracks

open in the burning clouds     the sky is broken

this is the season of separation     crossed

and crossing paths


oracle of the turtle