February 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981

Born fatherless, never knew my father.
My mother worked. She didn’t have no way of
keeping me going to school. We don’t have
education, we have inspiration. If I was
educated, I would be a damn fool.

Me don’t have no prejudice about myself.
Why me don’t have no prejudice about myself?
My father was white, my mother black. You know,
dem call me half-caste, or whatever. Well, me don’t
be upon nobody’s side. Me don’t be upon black mon’s side
nor white man’s side but upon God’s side, de mon
who create me, who cause me to come
from black and white.

Reggae music is the the people’s music, reggae music is news.
It’s news about your own self, your own history, things that
they wouldn’t teach you in a school. Reggae music is a
music created by Rasta people. And it carry earth
force, a people rhythm, earth people. You know,
there’s a rhythm of people working,
people moving.

Dreads of the world suffer.
Masses of the people suffer.
And dis music come from the
masses of the people.

Why one race want to be rich and the other one poor?
Why one want to fight on the other? It’s no more of that.
The youth of today say no, that cannot work no more.

How long have I been a Rastafarian?
I am a Rastamon, you know, I stand Rasta.
To say how long is like, again, I say, from Creation,
if you can overstand it that way. Because y’all like
to say 15 years, 10 years, it’s not really so.
It’s from Creation.

The only law which is law is the law of life,
the law of how to live. Me don’t want to get
involved in talking like me is a politician.
Me just want to talk about righteousness.
Jah is Earth’s rightful ruler.

I don’t come to bow, you know, I come to conquer.
I don’t come to bow, I come to conquer.

My home is always where I am. My home is in my head.
My home is what I think about, how I try to settle my mind.
That is my home. My home is not in the material world but there.

I don’t really have no ambition, you know.
I only have one thing I’d really like to see happen.
I’d like to see mankind live together — black, white,
shiny, anyone, you know what I mean? That’s all.

We are revolutionaries.
Me see myself as a revolutionary,
who don’t have no help, nor take no bribe
from no one, but fight it single
handed, with music.

My life is important to me,
but all people life is important.
My life is only important if me can
help plenty people. If my life is just for
me, my own security, then me no want it.
My life is for people. That’s the way me is.

I say to the people that they have a voice inside of
them that talk to them, you know. That is the voice
that people must listen to. Because in everything
that you go and do, there is a wrong way and a
right way. And if you listen good, you will
know the right way. You know? Because
there is a voice inside talkin’ to
everyone. Seen? Seen.

Jah lives, children!



I am grateful

for the way my soul is

sometimes drawn to move with

other souls and then separated from them.

I observe here a law of soulmaking

with exciting possibilities for



Scenes of how

it operates appear: people

in arctic cold, others in the tropics.

Oceans, high desert canyons, wooded valleys,

all in harmony with “the One who has no partner”.

There is a group that sings and moves in pure joy; another

is quiet in the midst of tremendous grief and carnage.

A tree bristling with thorns: jealousy, meanspirited

revenge. Then the white jasmine flowers

bud, open, and drop the gift

of themselves.


Why are

we shown this?

So we can appreciate

the whole as given. When I am

grieved and without hope, I accept that

as grace, as well as the removal of pain.

A deep knowing comes as we

are shown, receive, and

grow to love







The clouds

above us join and separate, the

breeze in the courtyard leaves and returns.

Life is like that, so why not relax?

Who can stop us from



Lu Yu


the ego is a monkey


The ego

is a monkey

catapulting through

the jungle. Totally fascinated

by the realm of the senses, it swings from

one desire to the next, one conflict to the next,

one self-centered idea to the next. If you threaten it,

it actually fears for its life. Let this monkey go.

Let the senses go. Let desires go. Let conflicts

go. Let ideas go. Let the fiction of life and

death go. Just remain in the center,

watching. And then forget

that you are



from Hua hu Ching, Chapter 10


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don’t linger with what is trivial and shallow


Hexagram 48: CHING / THE WELL



people fill the world.

If you’re determined to join

the buddhas instead, then

don’t linger with what

is trivial and



Annihilate ignorance.

Rescue the suffering.

Take up the responsibility

for eliminating all

that obstructs

the Way.


Wei wu Wei Ching

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can now buy

Wei wu Wei Ching as part of a

five-app bundle of Taoist classics 

for iPhone or iPad for less than

the cost of one hardcover