rely on love play


Lots of arms,

just like Kannon the Goddess;

sacrificed for me, garnished with citron,

I revere it so! The taste of the sea, just divine!

Sorry, Buddha, this is another precept I just cannot keep.

Exhausted with gay pleasures, I embrace my wife.

The narrow path of asceticism is not for me;

my mind runs in the opposite direction.

It is easy to be glib about Zen—

I’ll just keep my mouth shut

and rely on love play

all the day





free and peaceful in all you do

There is no

difference between your

body and the body of the buddha.

If ignorance exists, seeds

of realization are

sown in it.



yourself in the master and

the master in yourself, you sense

reality. Understanding that all worldly

phenomena and the one reality are

interwoven and inseparable,

you begin to experience

peace and comfort.


Carrying on,

continuing on with concentration,

you illuminate your own buddha nature

from within, and then, seeing that nothing

is apart from it, become free

and peaceful in all

you do.


Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 8

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