a darkness as much of the womb as the grave

hevrin khalaf, unifier, hero


Anything could happen,

and whether we act or not has everything

to do with it. Though there is no lottery ticket for the lazy

and the detached, for the engaged there is a tremendous gamble

for the highest stakes right now. I say this to you not because I haven’t

noticed that this country has strayed close to destroying itself and everything

it once stood for, in pursuit of empire in the world and the eradication of democracy

at home, that our civilization is close to destroying the very nature on which we

depend—the oceans, the atmosphere, the uncounted species of plant and

insect and bird. I say it because I have noticed: wars will break out,

the planet will heat up, species will die out, but how many,

how hot, and what survives depends on whether

we act. The future is dark, with a

darkness as much of

the womb as the

Rebecca Solnit