good approaches the superior person

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hexagram Lin

signals the approach of

powerful beneficial influences.

Just as the winter solstice heralds the

return of spring, the appearance of this hexagram

marks a similar movement toward light and

growth. Progress and success are

assured now to those who

persevere on the path

of truth.




the opportunity implicit

in this moment, it is important to

cultivate a proper attitude. It is easy, during

good times, to relax our inner discipline and fall back

into incorrect thoughts and actions. Allowing one’s ego to take

over in a moment of success is a sure means of ending the

progress that has begun. The growth that is at hand

was made possible by conscientious behavior,

and continuing carefully along that path

is our only means of coming

into full possession

of it.




modesty and acceptance,

whether external conditions are good

or bad, is the mark of the superior person.

In yourself, maintain balance, equanimity, and

humility in times of accomplishment. With

others, remain patient, tolerant, and

gentle. Clinging to those principles

assures you of a time of joy

and prosperity.


from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 19, Lin / Approach


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burn up & cool into ashes

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on this day a king was born


It’s simple 

to become a sage: all

that’s required is to burn up,

 die, and cool into



Rise early, 

then, and set fire to

all you think and feel and 

believe. Look beyond the smoke 

of that pit into what is left: 

emptiness filled with 



Breathe it in. 

Pour it out. Circulating 

the Oneness without stopping, 

endlessly renewing your determination, 

working steadily day after day and

year upon year, you’ll find 

yourself alert, rested, 



Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 18

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can now buy

Wei wu Wei Ching as part of a

five-app bundle of Taoist classics 

for iPhone or iPad for less than

the cost of one hardcover




The essential thing in studying the Way is to make the roots deep and the stem strong. Be aware of where you really are twenty-four hours a day. You must be most attentive. When nothing at all gets on your mind, it all merges harmoniously, without boundaries — the whole thing is empty and still, and there is no more doubt or hesitation in anything you do. This is called the fundamental matter appearing ready-made.
As soon as you give rise to the slightest bit of dualistic perception or arbitrary understanding and you want to take charge of this fundamental matter and act the master, then you immediately fall into the realm of the clusters of form, sensation, conception, value synthesis, and consciousness. You are entrapped by seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing, by gain and loss and right and wrong. You are half drunk and half sober and unable to clean all this up.
Frankly speaking, you simply must manage to keep concentrating even in the midst of clamor and tumult, acting as though there were not a single thing happening, penetrating all the way through from the heights to the depths. You must become perfectly complete, without any shapes or forms at all, without wasting effort, yet not inhibited from acting. Whether you speak or stay silent, whether you get up or lie down, it is never anyone else.
If you become aware of getting at all stuck or blocked, this is all false thought at work. Make yourself completely untrammeled, like empty space, like a clear mirror on its stand, like the rising sun lighting up the sky. Moving or still, going or coming, it doesn’t come from the outside. Let go and make yourself independent and free, not being bound by things and not seeking to escape from things. From beginning to end, fuse everything into one whole. Where has there ever been any separate worldly phenomenon apart from the buddhadharma, or any separate buddhadharma apart from worldly phenomena?