turn the light inward




should therefore cease

from practice based on intellectual

understanding, pursuing words and following

after speech, and learn the backward step that turns

your light inwardly to illuminate your self. Body and mind

of themselves will drop away, and your original face

will be manifest. If you want to attain

suchness you should practice

suchness without





be still & misfortune will be avoided

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It is

a fact of life that

times of decrease come upon us:

our resources are limited, difficulty surrounds us,

and our egos generate angry and unhappy emotions. Nonetheless,

such times are good for us. If we respond to them by quieting

our egos and turning sincerely to the Higher Power

for help, we emerge from the period

of decrease stronger, healthier,

and wiser.



we discover that we

are unable to achieve our goals,

our egos become infuriated. We are tempted

to harden into anger and bitterness, to lash out, to

desperately and aggressively grab for control

over the situation. If we do this,

however, we only push our

own salvation further



The I Ching

counsels a withdrawal

into stillness now. The image is that

of a spring reverting to the inside of the mountain

during a time of drought. By returning to its quiet center

during the time of decrease, it avoids evaporating and exhausting

itself in vain. You would be wise to follow this example. To try

to force progress by arguing, manipulating, or making

excuses will only bring your own downfall. Instead,

disengage from your inferior elements —

however passionately they seek

expression – and turn to the

Sage for guidance and




hexagram Sun

issues a call to sacrifice

negative feelings, accept the

powerlessness of the ego against the

currents of life, and return to contemplation

of the principles of the Sage. In stillness and

meditation we enrich the higher parts

of ourselves and thus bring

an end to the time of



from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 41, Sun / Decrease


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a kingdom destroyed can never be restored

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Do not

fight if you are

not yourself endangered.

Do not fight out of spleen. Anger

may give way to happiness again; irritation

may ease into well-being. But a kingdom destroyed

can never be restored, nor the dead returned to

life.  An enlightened ruler should be careful, 

and a good general is ever cautious.  

This is the way to keep 

peace and save 



from The Art of War, Chapter XII


ebooks & apps of the Tao the Ching, I Ching,

Hua hu Ching, and Art of War for

iPad, Phone, Kindle, Nook,

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