prayers for the dead

this was rory young


Rory James Andrew Young

21 May 1972 Lusaka, Zambia
26 April 2021 Fada N’gourma, Burkina Faso




As good a man

as I have ever known or am likely to

is being laid to rest by his close family and friends

today in the Netherlands. Please send 

them all a tray of light.




Prayers for the dead

are on the same footing as gifts for the living.

The angel goes in to the dead with a tray of light, bearing a cloth of light,

and says, ‘This is a gift for you from your brother so-and-so,

from your relative so-and-so.” And he delights in

it just as a living man rejoices

in a gift.


Ibn al -Ghazali




please donate to the Rory Young Family Memorial Fund