please donate to the family of rory young


My friend and hero

Rory Young was killed on 26 April 2021

in an ambush while leading a wildlife protection

patrol in Arly National Park, Burkina Faso.

Rory was a wildlife expert,

professional guide — 



— and for many years

an anti-poaching ranger training

other rangers and leading

patrols across Africa.



A man of colossal ability,

wit, integrity, and drive, Rory Young

risked his life daily in defending the creatures he

revered. In the years since terrorists have turned  to

poaching as a source of operating revenue, he engaged

in regular gun battles with armed poachers

and was a target of multiple attacks

and ambushes.



His selfless work,

done over decades, could not

have been more dangerous,

nor more heart-rending.



Rory leaves at home a wife and

two children whom he

loved mightily.



Please make a donation to the

Rory Young Family Memorial Fund and if possible to

Chengeta Wildlifewhich Rory co-founded

and led as CEO.


Rest in peace, lion.