the point where buddha is actualized

isaac levitan


We just sit in the midst

of this contradiction where, although

we aim, we can never perceive hitting the mark.

We just sit in the midst of this contradiction that is

absolutely ridiculous when we think about it with our small mind.

In our zazen, it is precisely at the point where our small, foolish self

remains unsatisfied, or completely bewildered, that immeasurable

natural life beyond the thoughts of that self functions.

It is precisely at the point where we become

completely lost that life operates and

the power of Buddha is



Kosho Uchiyama


everything born in this world is empty

hasui kawase



sit earnestly in zazen,

and you will realize that everything

born in this world is ultimately empty,

including oneself and the original face of existence.

All things indeed emerge out of emptiness. This original

formlessness is “Buddha,” and all other similar terms — Buddha-

nature, Buddhahood, Buddha-mind, Awakened One, Patriarch,

God — are merely different expressions for the same

emptiness. Misunderstand this and you

will end up distracted

for eons.





forget all about yourself

kodo sawaki roshi


Concentration is not

to try hard to watch something.

In zazen, if you try to look at one spot,

you will be tired in about five minutes. This is

not concentration. Concentration means freedom.

So, your effort should be directed at nothing. You should

be concentrated on nothing. In zazen practice we say that

your mind should be concentrated on your breathing,

but the way to keep your mind concentrated

on your breathing is to forget all about

yourself and just to sit and feel

your breathing.


…If you

continue this practice,

eventually you will experience the

true existence which comes

from emptiness.


Shunryu Suzuki